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Saturday, 24 September 2011

More Poetry From WWII - A soldier's letters to his wife

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As promised in my first post about my grandfather, here is another one of the beautiful poems he sent home to my grandmother:

(click the image for a large view)
By Ian Munro Stevenson, WWII

To Florence:

My Darling when this war is won.
How good I'll be to you, 
My sweetheart when this job is done,
For you the things I'll do.

This War has made me realize,
How much I need you dear,
At each reveille I arise,
To start the day in tears.

For I can think of nought but you,
Yes even in my sleep -
E'en in my dreams I lay and brood,
I dream of you and weep.

Oh let them play their blasted bands,
And let their flags unfurl, 
I long for the touch of your loving hands, 
and your smile, with teeth like pearls.

I'm tired of the marching feet and the rain, 
the slashes like hundreds of whips
I long to be at your side again,
And feel the thrill of your lips.

No more do I look forward to
My leaves, I once was glad,
To get to spend with just us two,
But now I'm much too sad.

You ask me has my love gone cold, 
Since I've come over here,
My sweet it has increased ten fold,
And you've no need to fear.

My sweetheart please don't doubt my love,
I'll never love but you,
I swear by all that's good above,
that I will always be true.

I know my love how hard it is, 
For you at home alone, 
I know how much you miss my kiss,
So much I miss your own.

I know my sweet in every way,
your love for me is true,
But don't forget that every day, 
I love and miss you too.

I know he was my grandfather, but this poetry from the second world war by a soldier to his wife really moves me. I'm floored by how good it is, and would love to hear it put to music, and played for the world to hear (with some minor editing), it should at the very least be published in a World War II book, or a collection of poems on war.

My heart goes out to all the soldiers and their wives or girlfriends, present and past.  This must be so painful and terrifying.

For more poetry from this devoted soldier, click here


  1. Wow!!! I can't help but wonder what conspired to have him return home so bitter. I wish I could have witnessed that love. All I can rememeber was the animosity between them. And the beautiful artist, poet, singer, that he was was long buried by the time I came along. How sad that I missed that part of him. Thank you so much for sharing this. I'm going to repost this on my blog. Love you.

  2. I like to think that they loved each other under all that animosity. They were just an old married couple, and had their share of problems throughout the years. While there was a lot of resentment (50 years is a long time to accumulate crap), I think there was also lots of love.

    I also think the War had a lot to do with it. Soldiers see and hear things that can't be unseen or unheard, those kinds of traumas change a person I guess.

    Absolutely, Repost away, he was your grandfather too! If you link to me, that would be really cool too.

    Love you lots xx