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Tuesday, 25 November 2014

10 Stocking Stuffer Ideas for Her

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Having watched the news like everyone else this week and seen the horrendous amount of snow that fell over Buffallo NY, it has become abundantly clear that despite my very loud protests, winter has definitely arrived. 

polymer clay necklace and earring set by Felicianation on Etsy
Before moving on to all of my wonderful ideas for filling your wife or girlfriend's stocking this Christmas, let me take a moment to wish my American readers a very happy thanksgiving, even though I'm so jealous you get to eat turkey this week.  I still have to wait a whole month... This is completely unfair! 

Ahem. Excuse me, on to our scheduled programming.

So we all know this means the C day is just around the corner as well, and while we twiddle our thumbs, confident we've got plenty of time, the big day will creep up on us and be here before we know it. 

polymer clay necklace and earring set by Felicianation on Etsy

Don't be caught unprepared at the last minute! Get ready now with some great stocking stuffer ideas for her that will show her you put some real thought into her gifts and earn you some extra brownie points. So here it is, my list of ten stocking stuffers for her that will make for a very happy lady...

Saxophone earring set by Felicianation on Zibbet
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 1. Let's start with the obvious: Her favourite chocolates (or candy if she's one of those rare strange people who doesn't like chocolate.)  Then again, if she doesn't like chocolate, it's possible that there's something innately wrong with her and you may want to rethink the entire relationship. Just saying. 

polymer clay necklace and earring set by Felicianation on Etsy
2. A nice fruity lip balm that comes in one of those over-priced fancy containers that we secretly love but wouldn't normally splurge on. 

polymer clay necklace and earring set by Felicianation on Etsy
3. Gift cards! I call it the gift of shopping, and it's always a personal fave (not exactly shocking, if you know that I own a personal shopping and asistance service!)  With an iTunes card, she can choose a book, some music, a new app, even a movie! If she's mentioned specifics, you could even get several and label them "your new book" or "that album you wanted".  A pre-paid visa labeled "that dress you've been eyeing..." 

polymer clay necklace and earring set by Felicianation on Etsy
4. For an added personal touch, how about some handmade gift certificates offering such wonderful things as a free massage, a coupon for an evening off from the kids, an hour of her favourite activity... Get creative! This is your chance to show you really do know what would make her happy and that you actually want that for her. 

5. Jewelry!  Now women are all different, but we almost all like or love jewelry at some level!  Some of us wear lots, others only earrings. Some of us like big, bold and bright designs and others prefer a smaller, timeless look.  What ever her style, check out my shop ( to find something just right for her. Don't see exactly what you're looking for? Request a custom order and I'll make something special just for her! You can contact me directly on Etsy or by email at
polymer clay necklace and earring set by Felicianation on Etsy

I have many new pairs of earrings up, but I also make one of a kind necklaces, fridge magnets, key chains, pens, buttons and polymer clay boxes (though those might be difficult to put in a Christmas stocking, you should still check them out for an extra special Christmas gift for that will completely knock her socks off!)

polymer clay necklace and earring set by Felicianation on Etsy

Thursday, 20 November 2014

Stocking stuffer ideas - Polymer clay earrings by Felicianation

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Why hello again! I was just trying to get the 2014 christmas gift guide going when the Internet crashed on me... Shocking!

So I'm sending this quick post off from my phone, just to let you know that I'm alive and well., though still exhausted from the fairs! Two two-day weekends in a row was rough!

While feedback was great, too little people lead to disapointing sales so that means I have LOTS of inventory to post! I've been taking and editing pics and writing descriptions... Only a few more to go.

Almost 40 pairs of earrings, 20+ key chains, around 20 sets of magnets and well over 40 new necklaces to list, list, list!

Phew! Have I got my work cut out for me!

Here's a sneak peak at the first few I've gotten up on my etsy shop! Visit to see them all! As a thank you for reading my blog, use coupon code BLOGLOVE for 10% of your order (with a minimum purchase of 15$)

Pin it, like it, buy it, share it... I really appreciate it. 

Thanks for reading!

Monday, 3 November 2014

Unique, personalisable gift for any occasion

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So you have a wedding coming up, or someone very special's birthday. Or, even you know, Christmas. I know, I know, no one wants to think about it, but it will be here much sonner than we think! 

Obviously i would recommend any of my products whole heartedly, from my jewelry to my prints, but if you are looking for something that is extra special to wow someone amazing or to mark a once in a lifetime type of occasion like a wedding, a sweet sixteen, even a baptism... My polymer clay boxes are the way to go! They take hours to make, but each one is a labour of love, and I'm always shocked when I see how much time has ticked by when I finally look up from my trance like creative state. They tell stories, they have a magical feel to them and each one is a unique work of art. 

The amazing thing about polymer clay is that it's available in every colour under the rainbow, mixes well with many paints and can pretty much be moulded to any shape. Your treasure box can be imprinted with a couple's initials, date, quote, birth statistics, anything. I recently made one with a 3D tree on it, though I won't show pics yet since it's a gift and it hasn't been given,  but really there are no limits.

My ready to go boxes are all unique and very special, each one has a name and is signed and dated. Take it that extra step and have one custom made, either way, the receiver will certainly feel all the love and thought that went into their gift.

Are you about to propose? Do like my client did take it one extra step:  have a personalized box made to hold the engagement ring. Something that represents him or her, or is symbolic to your relationship. The extra effort won't go un-noticed... And it will add a little something to your engagement story.

As a baptism gift, with the child's name and birth stats integrated in the design. Obviously the box will remain a decoration for several years, but the child will love it when he or she is older. It will be a special place to keep their treasures, and they will think of you every time they see it. 

Delays for custom orders can vary based on my availability, so order soon if you want to be sure to get your box in time for Christmas... It's less than eight weeks away!