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Tuesday, 1 May 2018

Monsters are Real by Felicia Stevenson

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Once you feared monsters under your bed, 
but your parents assured you, it was all in your head. 
But monsters are real, they just aren’t furry beasts,
waiting to pounce when you expect it the least.

Monsters are real, but they hide in plain sight,
behind dazzling smiles and eyes oh so bright.
When charm turns to hate, they will smile with delight,
as you start to walk tight and your eyes turn to fright.

They’ll play with your head, while acting so kind,
make you think that you’re crazy, that you’re losing your mind.
Monsters are real, though not what you feared,
it’s not in your head, they’re now sharing your bed. 

Wednesday, 18 October 2017

Me too

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I was 13 when 40+ year old men started to openly ogle me, and make comments.

I was 14 when boys would regularly try to grab my boobs at school.

I was 15 when one of my teacher made lewd comments to me.

I was 16 the first time I heard "it's not my fault, you're just so beautiful, you don't understand what you do to me." (If I had a nickel for every time I heard this...)

I was 18 when a guy stuck his head in my boobs and grabbed a hand full of ass while I was dancing with a friend at a bar.

I was 19 when I was first sexually harassed by a boss.

It happened again when I was 20. (With touching)

I was 24 when a customer told me I was known in town as the pretty new waitress with the big boobs, and mentioned he didn't come to the restaurant every day because he liked the coffee.

And again when I was about 25. By multiple bosses and co-workers, and even a few clients. (Some verbal, some touching)

It happened many other times between those, too many to count and has continued to happen since.

I kept silent most of those times. I felt ashamed many of those times... it's time to speak out.

Wednesday, 10 August 2016

Check out The Punk Rock Boutique on Etsy

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Hey all! 

It's been a while!  How are you?!

I've been hard at work on yet another project (because I didn't have enough already, right?!)

But I'm so excited about this one, I had to come share!

I've opened up a new Etsy shop to showcase my latest collection of creations!

You'll find arm warmers and leg warmers for now, but I'll soon be adding many more items, so stay tuned!

My creations are inspired by the punk / rock / goth / steampunk styles, be sure to check out The Punk Rock Boutique to see more!

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