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Wednesday, 3 April 2013

Gay Marriage, Abortion and Opression

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The FB conversation that caused this rant.
I've spoken out about the war on abortion before, but last week, with all the talk about gay marriage rights and the on-going court cases in the US, my frustrations with people hiding behind God to defend their own agendas of hate have grown to a boiling point, and I find myself having to revisit the subject, but this time I'm not just talking about abortion rights, I'm talking about gay marriage rights as well. 

I'm talking about basic human rights. The right to choose who you love, the right to choose if and when you want children.  The right to live your life as you see fit, not dictated to you by politicians with dirty agendas using God's name in vain.

Unless you have ever spoken directly to God, you have no idea what He wants, feels or thinks. If we are to believe that God makes no mistakes, then it is within His design that we all be different.

If you are going to use His name to defend hatred, please remember that He said "love thy neighbor", not love thy neighbor unless he's gay or something else you don't approve of.

A true Christian accepts others without judgement, as he knows that only God has the right to judge.

I'm saying stop quoting the bible at me, because you only ever quote the things you like, and even those quotes take on a new meaning depending on the spin you try to make on them.

The catholic religion has spewed so many lies over thousand of years that I find myself very conflicted in my beliefs, but what I do believe for sure is that no one on this planet is in a position to judge others. That everyone on this planet has done at least one thing they wouldn't be too proud of discussing with God Himself, and that no one on this planet really knows anything about what God thinks, or if He even truly exists.

I believe in being a good person: in doing my best, and trying to better myself. I believe in being generous, and helping the less fortunate. 

I believe in letting others live their lives in freedom, to choose who they want to be, their sexuality, who they want to marry, which religion they want to adhere to, and if and when they wish to have children.

As humans in this day and age, we are subjected to many rules and regulations. Practically slaves to our societies and governments, but...

No law should ever have dominion on our bodies or dictate whom we can love.

Okay, so that's my rant for today.



  1. It's just such a pointless prejudice, that's what gets me. I can get why other prejudices happen, sexism, racism, like it or not there's a power struggle there that explains why people are being idiots. But with homophobia, it's just so pointless!

  2. EXACTLY!!! You said everything I've been holding in for the past two weeks or so. I'm Catholic. I love my faith, but I don't always agree with the thought process of the Catholic church as a whole. You are so right in saying that God is the only one who can judge and that we have no idea how he feels,because we've not spoken to him directly. People get on their high horse and spew all kinds of nonesense without even actually knowing what they are talking about. I'm so tired of all of this!

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