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Friday, 19 April 2013

Funny Friday: Our Tooth Fairy Has Been Hitting The Pixie Dust

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So it was a big week for losing teeth in this house: Tyler lost his two front teeth and Mickey lost his first tooth. (my baby is growing up so fast!)

Obviously, this means it was a big week for the Tooth Fairy also, and an expensive one!

Last time we'd lost a tooth, she never showed up to claim it, and I eventually just had to lie and tell Tyler I'd found the money stuck between the bed and the wall.

At the time, I lodged a formal complaint at fairy headquarters, and was assured that this kind of thing would never happen again.  This was our first chance to test that promise, and I really hoped she would be able to rise to the occasion,as this was a real opportunity for her to shine.

She did great on the first night, in and out without a peep, and I woke up to a smiling child proudly holding up his $2 coin.  My confidence restored, I really didn't worry on the second night, but then that fairy witch went and did it again!!!  When I saw the look of pure disappointment and utter sadness on my son's face, I was determined to have that fairy's job!  "I think that girl's been hitting the pixie dust too hard!!!" I thought to myself.  "Wait until I get a hold of her supervisor, she's toast!"  Having lost the number for fairy headquarters, I asked my Facebook friends if any of them might have it, and you will never guess what happened next...

It turns out I'm Facebook friends with the Tooth Fairy!!!  I was convinced she must have been out drinking, but it turns out she just spends too much time farming!
She was all apologetic and stuff, really trying to avoid another formal complaint.

I was like: "While I appreciate your apology, this does not fix my poor little boy's broken heart. You know, I covered for you, fed him some story about how too many kids lost their teeth this week, but this is unacceptable and it better not happen again."

Yadiyadida... She promised to show up that night and write him a note to apologize for the blunder.  She delivered on the showing up part, but completely spaced on the note.

I was not impressed,  but my son was happy, so I let it slide.

Since things always seem to happen in threes, two days later, Mickey loses a tooth during brunch.  I put the tooth aside and we continue our meal.  After we're done, I put everything away and wipe down the table.

This is when you can probably predict where this is going...

About two hours later, I realize I don't know where the tooth is.  Oh no, oh no, what are we going to do? He'll be crushed if we tell him!  I devise a plan where we'll write her a note, apologizing, that the tooth is somewhere in the house but that we can't find it.  I decide to wait out telling Mickey, just in case we find the tooth before bedtime.

So we're sitting at dinner, and a small piece of walnut falls from my salad on to the table.  I look at it and get all excited: "Barry!  Barry!  Look!!! A tooth!"  (It really is amazing how crushed up walnuts resemble human teeth.)

He looks at me, kind of skeptical, but he decides to go with it, for lack of a better plan.  So I tell Mickey to go get his little tooth holder he got from school.  He comes running back and is all "I want to put it in!!!"

I reluctantly hand it over, worried that he'll realize how soft it is.  He holds it up, examining it, and exclaims "Wow, that's a really nice tooth, huh?!" I tried to hide my laughter and agreed with him.

My first hurdle was over, but what would the Tooth Fairy think?  Would she notice the scam?  If she did, would she refuse it?  I was so worried.  It would break my heart if I woke up to Mickey's big puppy dog eyes floating with tears.

Thankfully, she came by and accepted the walnut.  She left a note,  but it wasn't for Mickey; it was for me.

"I figured I owed you one" was all she wrote.

You know, she may be a little loopy, but maybe she isn't that bad of a Tooth Fairy after all.

Wink Wink


  1. Ha! LOVE this story! Reminds me of my mom and the things she did for my brothers and sister and I, all in the name of keeping the Tooth Fairy alive. Now my sister does the same fro my nephew. :)