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Saturday, 3 September 2011

Bad Translations - Another illustrated short story by Felicia Stevenson

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I recently bought a T-Shirt that had one of those really itchy tags that they now strangely put midway down your side, which, while not the subject of my post, really really bugs me by the way.

What was wrong with putting them on the back of the collar where they've always been?  Don't they realize how sensitive and ticklish the skin on your side is?


If you speak any French at all, take a look at the washing instructions on the itchy tag in question and tell me if you see anything wrong with this:


Directly translated, "Suspendre à basse température" means "Hang at low temperature"

That seems awfully complicated to me.

Here, I've drawn you a picture of what I imagine that would look like:

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Like I said: complicated.  
And expensive!

The End. 

 I told you it was short.