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Friday, 2 September 2011

Can you See the Angel?

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Can you see the Angel?

This photo was on the Weather Network and first caught my eye because of the colors (anyone who knows me but at all knows I love pink and purple!!!) but upon staring at it, a face became visible in the clouds.

Can you see it?  Post a comment if you do!

I've seen faces like this many times... just one of many reasons I believe in angels :)

Click the link to see the full size image, she's easier to spot:
Photos & Videos: Beautiful Weather - The Weather Network

Wether or not you believe, you gotta admit - this is one beautiful sky!

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  1. You will need to help me! Can find the Angel...

  2. oops can't find

  3. You really have to click the link to see the larger picture, but she's just above the top corner of the building on the right. There's a ring of pink clouds under her face. She also looks like she could be wearing a nun's cap, but it could be her hair. Barry sees her too. Does anyone else?