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Sunday, 25 September 2011

How to wear slouch boots - my interpretation

Pin It So the other day I bought myself a GORGEOUS pair of purple slouch boots - and every one knows how much I LOVE purple!!!

I bought mine at Giant Tigre for $20, but I found this picture online of Steve Madden Boots, and they are exactly the same!

And by exactly, I mean in look.  I'm sure the Steve Madden boots are real suede and better quality.  Yadiyadida.

How many seasons are purple slouch boots going to be "in" for?  Why would I invest $160 in a fad, when I can get the same look for much, much less?

So I googled some ideas on how to wear them, and they recommend the skinny pant tucked in, but also mention that it's important to add weight up top to balance out the chunkiness of the boot.

I got to wear them the other day as the weather has dropped drastically lately:

I love the look... And it was all very inexpensive:
  • The sweater dress was a $10 find at Fairweather last year.  Gosh I love that store!  
  • I'm wearing a $3 liquidation long sleeve t-shirt from Smart Set (also love them, but only worth shopping the sales - their regular prices are ridiculous, considering the quality of their merchandise)  
  • My pashmina was a gift, but they can be purchased almost anywhere for as little as $10 (depending on the quality of course).  
  • My purse, pictured below, was found at a pharmacy of all places.  It was marked $25, but scanned for $15 - SCORE!!!  I love how original it is, and as an added bonus, the interior is awesome.
  • My jeans are just an old pair of well worn jeans that I love deeply - and I think they were from a friend.

Total cost for the whole outfit, including the Steve Madden look-a-like boots? Only $68!!!  Now that's dressing on a budget!

It always makes me laugh how women's magazine's advertise "affordable" looks, and then show me outfits that cost upwards of $350.  I've never been rich, but I've always had style.  I almost never pay full price for clothing, and I don't think that will ever change for me.

Well maybe one day when I'm rich and famous I'll buy a  Gucci Purseand some Manolo Blahnik shoes, but that's it, I swear. (probably)