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Thursday, 15 September 2011

Overjoyed - a personal update on my journey

Pin It I was kind of feeling too tired to come on and post, but there's nothing like a hot bath to rejuvenate you.  

This will be a short post, but I just wanted to share with all of you how overjoyed I am that I decided to start this journey.

Though I'm also kind of wondering what took me so long - I refuse to concentrate on the negative, all of the time I've wasted.

Instead, I am filled with an overwhelming feeling that I've finally found my way.  

In just 14 days:
  • I've gotten 680 page views, with a whopping 103 yesterday, my biggest day yet!
  • I've been featured on another blog, have gotten loads of positive feedback (mostly from friends and family - but even from a few strangers!
  • People I don't know have started to add me on twitter and I even got my first retweet from a stranger today!
And now, and this is the part that brought me from "happy" to "bubbling over with joy":
  • I got my first stranger following me publicly today!!!  
Marilyn Gervais, as promised in my header, I will love you for ever and ever!

Don't get me wrong!  

I love and appreciate the support of my friends and family, but the thing is, you kinda HAVE to do that, don't  you? 

Well, don't you?! 

I mean, what kind of friends and family would you be if you didn't? In fact, I just might disown you if you don't.  Just sayin' :)~


Strangers don't have to love me!  They just decide to because... well I don't know exactly why but they do!!!! :D  

I'm overflowing with inspiration, and with every passing day, I feel like I'm on my way to finally breaking free from the chains of the 9-5 routine.  

No more Sunday nights crying because the week's about to start again.  No more waking up in a panic attack, throwing up every morning.  No more feeling like a failure.

Thank God.

Also, praise Allah, and whatever it is you say to Buddha.  
Insert your god's name "here" and thank him or her too.

I have tried several times to fit into the box, and I either broke my back or broke the box, but I've never actually fit in it. I've been feeling too long like I was the problem, but I'm not the problem.

The damn box is the problem!

So screw the box, I'm breaking free!!!  

Care to join me?

Much Love,

PS: I guess this post isn't that short after all.  Oops, my bad. 


  1. And all the earth and sky celebrates in your freedom!!! It's a box shaped cage BTW. Welcome to the wild wide open expanse of endless possibilities!!! Isn't it nice to stretch your wings?