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Thursday, 1 September 2011

Urine Testing for Welfare: A letter to Canadians

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Here's one that's been bugging me lately:

Many people have been posting a status on facebook thanking Florida for making drung testing legal for welfare, and asking that Canada to the same... I think this is wrong on many levels, and here are but a few of the reasons why:

A single adult on welfare in my province receives $595 a month. That is the exact cost of just my rent.

After rent, food, hydro, phone and clothing, how much do people think is actually left over for drugs?!  What exactly about that life seems glamorous as well?  

 I think the people of our nation need to be far more concerned with the gross over spending of our government on thousands of programs which have no direct baring on our lives than with the peanuts that are thrown to the people who need help.


Remember folks, addiction is a disease! People with a disease need help, not persecution.

If you don't like having to take a drug test at your job, you can choose to take another job, or better yet, why don't we just all stand up to that terrible invasion of privacy in the first place?!  

 Everyone keeps telling me the government is a big machine and you just can't change it.  Maybe it's time to just break the machine.  
We as humans need to get our priorities straight, stop picking on the sick and the poor, start looking towards ourselves for answers, and daring to make change happen.

After all, where would this world be if it weren't for people like Rosa Parks and Galileo?


  1. You go girl!!!
    Don't worry things are going to be changing very soon. There's a global shift happening and the world as we know it is coming to an end. It will be a beautiful thing.
    I love you Hunny and I'm very honoured to be your first follower!!!

    xo Diana

  2. Thank you so much Diana! Very happy to count you as my first... please! tell one tell all! Love you!!! xxx