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Monday, 10 October 2011

Kobi Levi Shoes: When Fashion Meets Art

Pin It Israeli Kobi Levi's shoe designs stretch our imaginations with shoes for women that are in fact shoe art.

His designs are shoe sculptures, and they are out of this world, offbeat, funny and wonderfully imaginative.

In an interview with CNN, Levi tells us that each shoe design can take about a month, and that he is very serious about his art, preferring quality over quantity, no doubt the secret of his success.

His unique shoe designs, like the "Coffee time" shoe, have certainly made a "splash" in the fashion world. (hahaha)

Lady Gaga has been said to have purchased pieces from Kobi Levi's collection, which doesn't really surprise me, since she's the first one I thought of when I saw them!

I've always had a bit of a shoe fetish, but this is definitely taking it to the next level!

The aforementioned "Coffee Time" shoes, I love the spill...
These are awesome, I'd wear them!
Banana Peels! Too Funny! 
Puppy Love... So cute

Can't imagine trying to walk in these.. but the concept is awesome!
Pop a Wheelie! Just don't break your neck!
Cool, but what woman would wear these?
Could be painful...
Don't you stick your tongue out at me!
Love the Trompe L'oeil... These are perfect for Lady Gaga!
These shoes look like weapons... 
The Mallard Duck... Canada's National Bird
Took me a while to figure these out... it's geese!
Ha!  Too cute!
Don't you just hate stepping in gum? LOL

These so don't look so comfortable!

This pair was inspired by Olive Oyl... you know, from Popeye
I Hope you enjoyed these shoe sculptures as much as I did!

Much Love,

Visit his blog to get more information about buying Kobi Levi footwear, or purchase this beautiful coffee table book of his work. 


  1. Too funny and SO cute! I LOVE shoes! These are hysterical!

  2. I know, shoes are the best... whether you've gained a few pounds or if clothes just isn't fitting right... there's always shoes!

  3. Facebook Comments:

    Josée Leblanc
    I have a lot of original shoes, but none exactly like this!! :P I womder hoe much they cost, and if they are actually durable once you wear them!!
    Monday at 8:10am · Unlike · 1 person

    Felicia Stevenson
    Well they are very high quality, so I would imagine they would be of solid construction... but they must be hellavexpensive!
    Monday at 2:05pm · Like