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Saturday, 19 November 2011

How to Tell if You're Child is Evil

Pin It Ever since my son was little, I've had my doubts about him...

He used to walk by his (then baby) brother and just hit him, for no apparent reason.  When the baby would cry, sometimes... he would laugh!  These days, he gives his brother instructions he knows will get him in trouble... on purpose!

And if that's not enough to convince you there might be a problem... his head spins!!! No, OK, really it doesn't, but you were kind of freaked out there for a minute right? Right?  No? Oh. Well it's probably just because you're especially hard to freak out.  I'm sure everyone else was at least a little bit  freaked out.  Hmph.

Getting back to the subject, I've had to question myself, like many a good catholic mother in the seventeenth century: "Could my child be evil?"  

Looking at him, with his angelic blond hair and beautiful blue eyes, I had convinced myself that this just wasn't possible, but then I got his school pictures back today, and I'm afraid I can no longer live in denial:

Anyone know a good exorcist? 

Much Love, 


  1. hi there,
    first of all i have to say you have very provocative way of writing and thinking..i am little soul who even don't like to write name of opposite of good..i like your way ,keep posting..i added your link at my blog will appreciate if you do the same for me..have a nice weekend

  2. I can honestly relate. My little girl makes me wonder at moments, she also has the angelic face, blonde hair and blue eyes. She also just recently used a demonic voice to express "Selena Gomez must die!" She is five... lol

  3. As a known fan of your blog, I nominated (roped you into) the Liebster Blog Award! Congrats... head over to the Liebster Award post on my blog at to find out what I am talking about. (in case you haven't heard yet...)

    Well... I am getting a giggle out of the entire idea. Don't worry, not to your expense

  4. LOL - this is to be taken in jest of course ;)

    Nini - will take a look at your blog shortly! Thanks for the link love!

    Amy - HAHA! That's precious!!! My youngest does the evil laugh, it's pretty funny. Thank you so much for the nomination, I'm touched! I'd never heard of it either, I'll look into it later tonight. I'll take any award I can get ;)

    There's a very hot bubble bath calling my name... be back later ;)