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Saturday, 21 January 2012


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If I were to be honest, I'd tell you I don't know what to say.  
If I were to be honest, I would tell you that I'm not proud of myself, on many counts.
If I were to be honest, I'd tell you that I've been feeling really sad lately, and have this feeling of impending doom growing inside of me.  
If I were to be honest, I'd tell you that my stomach aches because of the anxiety that never seems to leave me.  

But I don't want you to worry about me.  I don't want to burden you with my sorrows or my insanity.  

So I won't be honest.  I'll just smile, and tell you everything's OK.


  1. Honestly, I'm a little concerned for you right now. My concern is little because you are writing about what is going on, but I hope that you are talking to people as well.

  2. Thank you Kristen. I'll be OK, I always am. Plus, I got a new follower today, so that's something to smile about ;)

  3. Your words are just how I have been feeling lately.
    Thank you,

  4. Thank you someone you know. Those are my favourite comments for 2 reasons:
    1- because it feels like I helped someone in some way and 2- because it helps to see that I'm not alone.

    Take care, and feel free to contact me any time you want to talk (write) xx