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Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Fashion Wednesday: Perfect Pumps For Summer

Pin It Last week I confessed to having a shoe and purse fetish.  I also mentioned it was more with purses.

Part of the reason is that while I loooove shoes, I can't wear many of them anymore because they make my feet very very angry at me and they take revenge by acting out in excruciating pain, making me want to chew my own feet off.  Not good.

I have a few pairs I'll wear occasionally, but I can't stand them for very long.

"Look at my shoes aren't they beautiful?  Great, now take a picture so I can take them off pleeeeease."

Nonetheless I love to look at them and live vicariously through other women.

These Michael Antonio Women's Gilmore Wedge Sandals look AMAZING in grey and they are only $23 with free shipping!!!  The incline doesn't seem to steep and I think I could handle these.


Michael Antonio Women's Langston Platform Pump... I looooove the buckles.  This is one sexy shoe, and it's offered in 5 colors too. I want!!! Size 7.5 please and thank you ;)  Of course, these would only be for pictures... but they would be seriously rocking pictures!!! Only $20... I sure like this Michael Antonio.

These Peep Toe Bow Ankle Strap Platform Pumps are really sweet... would be just lovely for a bride to be or with an airy summer dress... and only $24.99!!!

I'm torturing myself looking at all these shoes, but I can't help it, I love them... they are just sooo pretty!

OK, just one more...

This pair of Madden Girl Women's Jassperr Slingback Pumps is 4.5 inches high.  But if you can stand to walk in them... they are a must have!  For the club, an evening out or a formal affair, you will definitely turn heads with these super sexy shoes!

And that concludes this weeks Fashion Wednesday.  To purchase any (or all!) of the shoes above, click on the images to go directly to Amazon.  

*Disclaimer:  I am an affiliate with amazon and earn a percentage of all sales.  Though, mind you, I've yet to make a sale.  LOL  Hey, a girl can dream, can't she?  Also, I should add, I never recommend items I wouldn't purchase myself.

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