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Monday, 18 June 2012


Pin It We get discouraged by criticism because other people voicing our insecurities gives noise to our thoughts and we can't silence those by ourselves... (Amy)*

Truth.  Too often we let our self confidence be shaken by other people's issues.  As someone who struggles with bipolar depression and anxiety, I easily pick up on other people's negative energy and don't always realize how severely it affects me.

I'm reminded of Pink Floyd's song Mother: "Mother's gonna put all her fears into you"

Problem is, it's not just mothers that do that, it's everyone.  "Oh you shouldn't do that, it will be too hard.  You can't do that, you'll never make it.  Etc."

What those people are really saying is "Wow I'd be too scared to do that, so you shouldn't either."  Thing is, if we were already feeling insecure or unsure, this unwanted  negativity just breaks down our confidence further and reinforces all of the negative thoughts we were already having.

But I ask you, where would we be if there weren't people brave enough to do what others cower at?

*Dang.  Awesome quote. Now if I could only remember which Amy said this!  Please speak up if you recognize yourself.  I started this draft months ago, and since CRAFT** disease has hit me early, I just don't have a clue.  It could be any one of three people.

**CRAFT Disease: Can't Remember A F-ing Thing!


  1. I've been thinking about this post since I read it yesterday. really been struggling with this. Kinda strange because I very rarely feel this way. So, I have a really hard time with it when it comes up. Usually, I just ignor it until it passes. I have Bipolar disorder.

    The past couple days though, I've been discuraged about everything. This post puts it into perspective.

    I realize now that ignoring these fears until the depression passes isn't gonna work since I'm actually manic right now (because rapid cycling is fun, right).

    Anyways, not sure how to deal with these fears I have right now, but I do want to thank you for sharing.

    See ya on twitter :-)

  2. I feel awful that I never saw this comment in the past. This must have been before I started comment moderation due to too many spambots. I do hope you're feeling and doing well.