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Friday, 17 August 2012

Testing Blogpress for iPad

Pin It So I just downloaded Blogpress, hoping to get more editing options for blogging from my iPad than the free blogger app I have on my iPhone, which doesn't give you any options. Just straight text, and if you add a photo, it goes at the bottom of your post, no choice.
So here's a random photo, just to see if I can place it where I want:

Hum, not bad. I can adjust the size, and the alignment.... Vast improvement.
Now, what about bold, italics, or under strike?
There are options under HTML to insert these types of text... Just hope they
are placed properly. We'll see when I hit publish I guess.
Isn't it nice that we're experimenting together? I think so.
One more: Can I change fonts? What about colors?
If I hit publish and everything works... This app is worth the exorbitant $4.99 cost... If not, I may just have to learn to use it better.
Could be a PWU... Problem with user!
Much love,
Posted using BlogPress from my iPad

*Update, apparently my attempts to insert bold text were unsuccessful.  Will have to try again, after I look it up.

* update again: I was doing it wrong, you have to select the text then click the code. I can do everything I can do on the computer on my blogpress app. Well worth the $4.99 price!

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