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Monday, 22 October 2012

Romney Promises To Kill Sesame Street

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 This upcoming Presidential Election for the US has to be one of the most important in history.

I'm not even American, and I feel deeply invested in the outcome of the american people's votes this November.

You may have already read my article on Romey's views on abortion.

Let's talk about his promise during the first debate to cut all "superfluous" expenses by the federal government including PBS.

I can't help but think that his means the arts, music, and programs that help the poor and the sick.

You know, useless programs.

Sometimes, I crack myself up:

No, but really:  Think about it.



  1. Hilarious Post! If I were to vote I would have chosen Obama over Romney :)

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  2. Love it! That is great! Romney will probably take Big Bird's feathers and have a pillow stuffed. I'm voting for the letter "O."

  3. Things are hotting up in the US in regards to the voting. I can't wait to see the outcome, as somewhere down the line the American vote is going to effect the UK.

  4. So true! Pretty much like the butterfly effect..

  5. I'm not American, but if I can vote, I'll vote Obama

  6. I dont get it, why does romney hated sesame street? Does he have a bad childhood...

  7. LOL @author. He doesn't hate sesame street. He hates any program that costs money and helps people. He doesn't understand that programs that help people (like sesame street educating kids for 30+ years) are beneficial in the long run...
    like planned parenthood!!!