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Friday, 9 November 2012

Funny Fridays: Stuck In A Stinky Situation

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Picture from a website with ways to get rid of the smell.
So this funny friday post pokes fun at me.

Mere moments ago, I was sitting on my front porch smoking a cigarette, completely absorbed in my iPad, when I heard the sound of leaves rustling. I looked up just as a creature popped out from under my stairs. 

At first, I was convinced that it was the black and white cat that walks the neighborhood all the time, but...

Um, no. I was staring at a real life Pepé Le Pew.

You know what? I'm a big fan of cartoon Pepé. He's very cool, but I've never really wanted to meet him in person.

How did I not smell him?!

So I freeze, and Pepé stares back. He's not moving either. "What do I do?" I wonder, since getting up and trying to head for the door might scare it, and I'd have to cross the stairs. I can't breathe, and I say a quick prayer that he doesn't decide to come up the steps.

I'm trapped.

He loses interest, turns around and saunters right back under my porch.  

Noooo!  Now I have no way of knowing if he actually left!  It's garbage day tomorrow, and they are always here bright and early, so it's imperative that I take it to the curb before I go to bed.

I took the opportunity to get back in the house, but I was sooo worried that I would scare him and he would spray under the porch... Wouldn't that be lovely?

Worse thing is, if he's still there, he could end up blocking the stairs, and I could end up stuck like a frozen turkey being held hostage by a skunk.

In other news...

This lovely creature is my new porch kitty.  He loves cuddles and purrs loudly. He gives me big head butts and shows up every morning around 8AM and leaves us at night around 9PM.  He wears a little bell around his neck, so you always know when he's around.  He reminds me of my dearly departed cat Simba, and I'm always happy to see him show up.  I'm not allowed pets here, but porch kitty gives me all of the perks with none of the drawbacks.  Except missing him on days his mom doesn't let him out to play.

Porch kitty rocks, but porch skunky is way more than I bargained for.

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