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Saturday, 27 September 2014

This isn't goodbye, it's hello

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So if you came around recently, you probably noticed a few changes underway!

I really never thought the day would come, but I've decided to retire Musings and other Ramblings of a crazy / beautiful mind. I remember telling a friend it was my baby and I could never let it go! 

If you were already a reader, you probably know that I started this blog at a very dark time in my life.  I'm not going to talk about my mental health any further except to say that this blog served it's purpose at the time, and I'm so glad I decided to start it, because it was the first step towards my recovery and following my dreams.  If you really want to know all about it, go back and read a bit.  Use anxiety, depression or bipolar disorder as keywords to search the blog, you'll find all you're looking for. I didn't just write on those subjects though, so feel free to peruse the archives :)

Skip ahead three years, and here I am, a brand new me. 

I don't look at the floor and say "I'm kind of like an artist" anymore. I don't see myself as a walking diagnosis anymore. In fact, I rarely think about those things at all anymore. I feel good, strong, confident. 

I feel better than I have my whole life, and can actually say I'm generally happy... Which may seem like a normal thing to some, but never seemed possible for me. 

My perspective on life has changed a lot, and meds have helped stop the anxiety.  

Stopped. Me. No anxiety. Wow. 

Which brings me to why I've decided to retire Musings. I feel like I have nothing left to say on the subject.  I would like to revisit at some point, as there is always something new me wants to tell old me when I read my old posts. 

This journey that started with a single blog post has brought me on wonderful adventures that have led me to where I am today, so this is where I want to take my baby too, I do hope you'll join me. 

In the past year, I started three of my own businesses. I officially opened "La fée Licia", my own face painting company which has been doing really decently this summer. I don't know how good the winter's going to be, but here's hoping for lots of fairy princess parties. (It's really awesome, I get to wear an amazingly pretty dress and a tiara, the little girl in me is thrilled - I always said you could only get away with wearing a tiara on your wedding a day...  Ha! I feel so smart sometimes! Hahaha

La Fée Licia face painting in the Gatineau Ottawa region

 I also started up "The Time Fairy" or "La fée du temps", a personal shopping and assistance service. It's been pretty slow going, but I need to do some serious advertising.  Now that the kids are back in school, I have my days free to go out and find me some clients! 

And then there's Felicianation. Oooh I'm so excited about everything I'm doing! have found my confidence as an artist in polymer clay, and I'm so glad I picked it up.  I had opened an etsy shop sometime last year, but I never put any real work in it and as is the usually the case when you put no work into something, it went nowhere. 

Then I joined a group for etsy sellers from Quebec on Facebook a couple of months ago and things slowly started to make more sense. I leaned a lot from reading their posts, questions from newbies and answers from well established shop owners. I started to get excited again, to believe that it could work. So I retook all my pics, worked on my texts, and re-launched. I reached five sales last week! In about six weeks, compared to a year before that - I think that's fantastic.  It's only just begun...

I decided on Felicianation Ink as the blog's new name. Felicianation is a word I invented way back then. It was symbolic for my taking control over my own life, rebelling against the oppression. "This is my world I live by my rules" kind of thing. I also loved that it sounded like a mix of the words fascination and imagination, thus the title phrase "welcome to felicianation, where imagination meets fascination to create a new dimension."

The phrase never seemed to catch on (hey, I still like it!) but the word stuck, and when it came time to naming my polymer clay jewellery and accessory company, Felicianation was a no-brainer. 

It's since been tweaked to Felicianation Creations for my polymer clay items, and just freshly launched a couple of weeks ago, Felicianation Prints, where you can purchase prints of my digital creations, originals and paintings, though I only have digitals up right now. There are many more listings to come for both shops, it can actually be quite daunting!

Steampunk corset illustration art print by Felicia-May Stevenson available at felicianation prints

So as I gear up for the Christmas season and three crafts fairs, I've also decided to start writing again!  I miss updating you all on my progress, and the interaction we had when I was more consistent around here!  I've decided to introduce a weekly post that will most likely be published on Wednesdays starting very soon. It will be called "Made in Quebec : Spotlight on (insert artisan name here)"

There is so much talent here in Quebec, and I am so grateful to my little group for their invaluable help. I want to give back to them and the artisan community, which has welcomed me with open arms and always made me feel right at home. I'll tell you about their products of course, but more than that, I want to introduce you to the artist, a little about themselves and their process.

So I'm thinking Mondays will be about me; personal updates, new creations, up-coming events.. Whatever's on my mind. Wednesdays for Made in Quebec and Fridays will be random. I want to touch on a variety of subjects that may interest artisans and buyers alike.

More to come soon, I've got so many projects on the go, it's hard to keep up sometimes!

Here are a few more pics of prints available at and newly created, not yet listed items for 

Red rose print digital photo manipulation and transformation by Felicia-May stevenson from Felicianation Prints New polymer clay creations by Felicia-May Stevenson at Felicianation creations

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