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Monday, 3 November 2014

Unique, personalisable gift for any occasion

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So you have a wedding coming up, or someone very special's birthday. Or, even you know, Christmas. I know, I know, no one wants to think about it, but it will be here much sonner than we think! 

Obviously i would recommend any of my products whole heartedly, from my jewelry to my prints, but if you are looking for something that is extra special to wow someone amazing or to mark a once in a lifetime type of occasion like a wedding, a sweet sixteen, even a baptism... My polymer clay boxes are the way to go! They take hours to make, but each one is a labour of love, and I'm always shocked when I see how much time has ticked by when I finally look up from my trance like creative state. They tell stories, they have a magical feel to them and each one is a unique work of art. 

The amazing thing about polymer clay is that it's available in every colour under the rainbow, mixes well with many paints and can pretty much be moulded to any shape. Your treasure box can be imprinted with a couple's initials, date, quote, birth statistics, anything. I recently made one with a 3D tree on it, though I won't show pics yet since it's a gift and it hasn't been given,  but really there are no limits.

My ready to go boxes are all unique and very special, each one has a name and is signed and dated. Take it that extra step and have one custom made, either way, the receiver will certainly feel all the love and thought that went into their gift.

Are you about to propose? Do like my client did take it one extra step:  have a personalized box made to hold the engagement ring. Something that represents him or her, or is symbolic to your relationship. The extra effort won't go un-noticed... And it will add a little something to your engagement story.

As a baptism gift, with the child's name and birth stats integrated in the design. Obviously the box will remain a decoration for several years, but the child will love it when he or she is older. It will be a special place to keep their treasures, and they will think of you every time they see it. 

Delays for custom orders can vary based on my availability, so order soon if you want to be sure to get your box in time for Christmas... It's less than eight weeks away! 


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