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Monday, 5 January 2015

Felicianation Ink Fashion Designs on Storenvy

Pin It My new products are to die for and I have died and gone to heaven designing them!  Every piece printed with my own digital artwork or extreme photo manipulations (a term I just invented on the spot and am now going to adopt!)

It is such a blast to see them like this; palpable, touchable...  I'm on cloud nine!! (I don't really approve of that top with my skirts, but I wasn't given a choice of models!)

some listings already on #storenvy - others coming very soon but available now on #artofwhere

PS: Why the term extreme photo manipulation?

Someone (and several of her artist friends agreed) recently stated that to them, digital art isn't real art. In fact, it's nothing more than photo manipulation.  One said a robot is the one doing all of the work.

I tried to explain the difference, but it fell on deaf ears.  I do a little of both.  Sometimes, I start with a blank page and just start #drawing... such as the line drawing featured here. But other times I start from a photo... however! I feel like where I start to where I end up is much more than simple photo manipulation... As an example:

The pink owl skirt started with a metal owl I really liked so I made a home made mould with a simple tube of clear caulking and some dawn detergent (hurray for the university of you tube, you really can learn anything there!)

I then used that mould to make a #polymer clay owl which went on to a polymer clay #box I made and took a picture of, transformed completely and designed these items with several variations of the sane initial photo of a box.  The red dress on the cushion was created from a combination of solely the owl's tail feathers and the outline from my hand drawn #steampunk corset.

Don't get me wrong, I really enjoy drawing and painting with traditional materials but being a terrible perfectionist, it was crushing to me when something that I worked so hard on and was so excited about ended up ruined by one irreversible bad decision when I'd get to that crossroad...  I was always left feeling like a failure, not good enough, a talentless or at best mediocre artist.

I've come to understand this in being asked to explain why polymer clay and digital art are my favorite mediums.  I love how forgiving they both are.

Polymer clay isn't permanent until it's baked, so I can fiddle with it to my heart's content and get an end product that meets my high standards of quality.

Same goes for digital art.  When I get to that crossroads where I'm in love with where I'm at and not quite sure about where I want to go next, I can copy that layer or version of the image and come back to it if needed (or desired)

My creativity was bottled up for 10 years... It exploded out the box it was stuck in last year and just seems to keep expanding like that expanding styrofoam but never stops!

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