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Friday, 27 March 2015

List of Best Etsy Advice For Sellers: How to Succeed on Etsy

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This post was inspired by a Facebook Etsy friend who was discouraged because she just hasn't been getting sales or views lately. 

Have you been having a hard time with your Etsy shop as well? Feeling discouraged because you just aren't getting the sales you're wishing for? Are you wondering what you're doing wrong? 

Follow this list of the best Etsy advice on how to succeed on Etsy that I've received over the past year and you might start to see the change you've been hoping for. It has worked for me, though I'm still working on getting both my shops to the level I want.  (It's written with Etsy in mind, but can be applied to many other platforms as well.)

1- Work on your photos!

Crisp, white backgrounds are best. I can do this for you from your existing photos, I charge 3-5$ per picture, depending on the complexity. This is a very small investment, especially if it's for a renewable listing!  Pictures and your description are the only things potential customers can gauge your product with, so a good picture and cohesive, pleasing ensemble view of the shop is an absolute must. 

2- Work on your tags!

They should repeat words in your title and description. Two to three word tags are best. Uninspired? Look at other listings that are showing up on first page for tag ideas, or ask your fans on Facebook how they would describe your item. (A good way to boost engagement too!)

3-Grow your social media networks!

This is another area I can help you with.  People can't buy what they've never seen, so building a strong social media network on key platforms is an absolute must to get your product the exposure it deserves. 

4-Add more listings!

The more listings you have, the more keywords and therefore the more chances you have of showing up in searches. Don't use the same ones over and over again, vary your keywords by using the advice above. Of course, some reuses are inevitable, a cushion cover is a cushion cover after all!

5-Work, re-work, and re-re-work your SEO!

Re-work your titles, descriptions and tags. Make sure the two to three word phrases you're using match in all three ares. Use different tags if they aren't giving you any results.  Try to avoid copying titles and descriptions. Etsy won't ding you for repetitive listings, but Google and other search engines will, limiting outside referrals. 

6- Create a rich profile and about section!

Many people who shop on Etsy are looking for that personal experience, that feeling of connection with the artist, of supporting someone they respect and/or admire.  Show people pics of your workspace, you working or shopping for materials, tell them your story and your product's story.

7- Create backlinks!

Have matching listings? Be sure to include a link to the other in each of your listings. Create a blog and link to your listings. Find relevant blogs to guest post on or comment with a link to your shop. Besides the obvious benefits of creating as many links possible to your shop, it helps boost your relevance to the computer gods that decide on your search rankings.

8- Create a welcoming home page!

If your shop was in a mall, would you stop in? Would it look like a respectable boutique or one of those cramped and cluttered boutiques that sell cheap products that are all piled on top of one another?

Create clear sections and make sure your items are sorted accordingly and arrange your best items on your home page so that it creates a cohesive, inviting look that offers a good glimpse of what other treasures may be held inside. 

9- Join some teams!

Everything works better with teamwork. Look for Etsy teams in your field, or just plain advertising teams. There are games you can play to help boost views and faves. Join some facebook teams that will help you promote your shop. Also look for Facebook groups relevant to your field to join. More than the advice and help with promoting, you'll probably enjoy the camaraderie that comes from spending time with like minded people. 

10- Stay away from trademarked materials -even fan art!

There's a debate as to whether you are legally allowed to sell them, but it's a big battle to take on with etsy and one you're likely to lose. They have shut shops down over the matter, seems to me it's not worth the hassle and headaches and even possible lawsuits it could bring. Besides, you're an artist. Would you want other people to just start making money off your art? Do onto others and all that, you know?

So there you have it. Some great advice for Etsy sellers to get you off to a very good start. 

Selling on Etsy is a learning process, and they say it takes three years to build a business. There are over two million results for necklaces on Etsy; showing up within the first few pages is going to take some elbow grease!  If you keep on trucking, start and keep at the advice in this post, you should start to see some results. Once you've got your shop walking, get it to run by concentrating on growing those social media networks, your followers on Etsy and keeping up with news and trends within your niche. 

Contact me at if you'd like my help with your shop, photos or social media.

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