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Wednesday, 10 June 2015

I'd like to get off this ride please

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Can we stop the world?  I want to get off this crazy ride.  

There is corruption everywhere we look...  Our governments are turning against us, changing our constitutional rights and infringing on our right to free speech, stealing from us, even drugging us (a small dose of prozac in your drinking water should keep you nice and complacent, right?)  

Discrimination, greed, violence, manipulation... News story get more and more disturbing every day. 

War has become a business and if we end all wars tomorrow, millions of people will lose their jobs... So the people who own the companies that make the weapons also own the companies that make the news.  Yes make... Is there really any true journalism these days?  They invent stories or bend the truth to fuel anger and hate... and create wars. Hard to find the truth in a haystack of lies.

Capitalism has gone terribly, terribly wrong.  

Is there any hope for humanity?  For planet earth?  The planet will survive, even if we all blow each other up.  She will do as she has done for millions of years and freeze over until the air clears enough to thaw... and then life will begin again.   

What about us though?  Divided by race, by sex, by religion, by sexual orientation... Yet we are all the same.  Religious extremists, using religion as a weapon, instilling fear of retribution as a means to control... When every religion is supposed to be based in love.

Respect, courtesy and compassion are now seen as weaknesses and are becoming antiquated values...

There is so much that is wrong, so where do we start to make it right?

I suppose it starts with each and every one of us, making a conscious decision to judge less, and trying to understand more.  Questioning everything we hear and removing our blinders.  Reminding ourselves that extremists do not represent the group and using our voices to be heard and to affect change... Even demand it.  

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