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Thursday, 5 November 2015

Justin Trudeau will steal from producers to give to moochers

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So, I had the immense displeasure of seeing this photo in my news feed:

There are many aspects of this image that get to me, but the moochers comment is what made this rant that has been bubbling up inside of me finally reach it's boiling point, so I won't get caught up on the "low information voters" or the so called "producers" - focusing instead on this "moochers" concept way too many people seem to buy in to. 

The premise that the lower and middle class are moochers is appalling. 

With a 10$ minimum wage, a large portion of our population is living off of 400$ gross per week. They probably clear about 350, for a whopping 1400$ take home a month. Minimum rent here on the Quebec side for a one bedroom apartment is $600. Add in utilities, insurance and a bus pass to get to this minimum wage job, I calculate a minimum of $950 a month in bills. Leaving them with all of $450 for an entire month. To feed themselves, clothe themselves, possibly get to enjoy some sort of entertainment, maybe enjoy the luxury of owning a car... It's ridiculous. 

Now don't give me any bs about them being able to get better jobs. The fact is, if we want this lovely consumer society of ours to continue, we need people to keep working at minimum wage jobs.  It would make it very hard to shop at stores if there were no cashiers, to name just one example. 

Also, it is important to note that not everyone's been dealt the same cards in life, or gotten to the same level of education, and this is often for reasons far beyond a person's intelligence

The fact is, most minimum wage jobs are gruelling, require a lot of hard work for very little reward, and often include being treated unfairly by some manager on a power trip as a bonus. All too often, older job seekers are forced to take a minimum wage job because they've reached an age where they are being passed up for younger candidates in their field. 

My point is, these so-called moochers are some of our hardest working citizens: students, grown people with families, single people, single parents, seniors... They live in poverty despite the fact that they work like dogs, and it really is the modern day version of slavery. I feel strongly that someone who works full time, no matter the job, should be able to pay his or her bills and live comfortably. 

Every link in the chain is important, just look at any restaurant!

The waiters will argue that they're more important because without them, the food wouldn't get to the customers, and it is their good service that keeps the clients coming back. The cooks will argue that they're more important because they prepare the food, so without them, there would be nothing to serve. In actuality, every single position is essential, down to the dishwasher, because nothing will stop a restaurant dead in its tracks like not having clean dishes to put the food on! 

Our society is the same. Every link serves it's role. Without waiters and cooks and dishwashers, there would be no restaurants for us to enjoy. These people are not less important. They deserve help, and the rich can afford to part with a wee bit more, especially if they stop for a moment and realize that all those people are essential in order for them to continue to enjoy the privileged life they lead.

believe in Justin Trudeau, and am happy to see him take his place as our Prime Minister.  If he keeps even half of his campaign promises, we'll all live twice as well as we did under Steven Harper.

End rant. 


  1. So well said! Are you finding that right now every criticism of Trudeau sounds more like a compliment to your ears? The cartoon on yesterday's National Post front page is a great example.

  2. I haven't seen the cartoon, I'll have to look it up! I'm hearing a lot of complaining, with unfounded blanket statements... I can't wait to see change!