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Saturday, 23 April 2016

Fun new faux patchwork leggings for babies and women by Felicianation ink

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Sometimes when I'm creating, I get really excited about what I'm doing, just because I love it so much!

Last week I saw some really cool bohemian patchwork leggings, and I was inspired to create my own.

to be listed soon at

But I really love how patchwork projects in general combine leftover fabrics to create unique, one of a kind works of art.

It got me thinking that I could use some of my "leftover" designs to create my own faux patchwork pattern. (I create a lot of designs, they don't all make it to the printer!)

This was my first "patchwork" made with "scraps"... The baby leggings are so cute I could die.  I just had to make a matching diaper shirt, so I made a heart from more "leftover fabrics" to create this super cute "I'm a heartbreaker" diaper shirt!

As often happens when I get going on something, I've become enthralled and this is turning into a collection of patchwork leggings for babies and women.

Look how sexy the faux patchwork design looks on leggings for women!

Sexy patchwork leggings for women at Felicianation Ink

More. More. I must create more!

 mouhahahaha much love, Felicia :)

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