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Monday, 12 September 2011

Top five teasons why birthdays ROCK - especially mine! - Another illustrated short story by Felicia Stevenson

Pin It I know a lot of people hate birthdays, but I don't really understand why.

To help you understand why I think they are completely wrong, I've created a list of my top five reasons why birthdays ROCK, especially mine.

Reason #1 Why Birthdays ROCK, especially mine:

Show me the Love
People are nice to you and show you love all day long, every where you go.

Granted, of course, that they know it's your birthday:
I've found that wearing an "it's my birthday" t-shirt and/or hat helps them to clue-in quicker.

Reason #2 Why Birthdays ROCK, especially mine:

I get to be Queen for the day.  Even though I will be 33 this year, my mother still makes me ANY meal of my choosing.  I usually ask for home made egg rolls or a turkey dinner.  My mom's home made egg rolls are the best damn egg rolls I've ever tasted, hands down.  I'm actually starting to drool as I think of them...

♥Mom, I think I know what I want for dinner this year.♥

Reason #3 Why Birthdays ROCK, especially mine:

There's usually a party, and if you're old enough, which I am, it usually involves ALCOHOL!!!
Plus! People sing for you! (all though not always in tune - but the alcohol helps here)

Reason #4 Why Birthdays ROCK, especially mine:
(And this one is MAJOR)

There's cake!  And on my birthday, it's chocolate with chocolate sprinkles and chocolate fudge.

I don't think this point requires any further explanation, do you?

And last, but certainly not least,

Reason #5 Why Birthdays ROCK, especially mine:

A present, for me?!
There's PRESENTS!!!  I LOVE presents!  Plus!  On my birthday, they're for ME!  YAY!!!

See?!  Birthdays are awesome, no ifs, ands, or buts about it!

Much Love, 



    WOOT! I've been mentionned by another site!!!

  2. j'aime!!! x10000!!!! Iswear I will LOVE my birthday from now on. ;)

  3. I quess you have been talking to Dad and Veronique because they also mention it not long ago that if as been a long time since I made egg comming soon to a kitchen near you. Love Mom xoxoox

  4. I LOVE my birthday and always have!! It really is the best day of the year! =)

  5. I don't like being the center of attention so... I like other people's birthday better than my own.

  6. It's important to let others celebrate us once in a while. You are wonderful and deserve a little attention now and then ;)

    But hey, you have a standing invitation for mine ;) LOVE YOU xx