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Saturday, 17 September 2011

Awesome Street Art : theCHIVE

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I just want to share something amazing I found while surfing the net:

This one was my favorite, it looks so real, but click the link to see all 30 pics. (and make sure you come back here!)

It's amazing what the imagination can create when allowed to run completely free, and what the eye can be fooled into believing, isn't it?

These kinds of finds make the "Artiste" in me very very happy.

PS:  Totally off subject, how do you like the blog redesign?  Are the colours easy on the eyes?  Do you like my new logo pic? 

I must say I'm in love with my new caption:

"Welcome to Felicianation
Where imagination meets fascination
and creates a new dimension"

But What do you think?

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