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Saturday, 17 September 2011

Going Insane: my (hopefully) funny view on parenting

Pin It Disclaimer:  I'm gonna do a lot of complaining here, but rest assured, I love my boys.  They are the cutest, sweetest, most beautiful boys I have ever seen - When they are sleeping!!!

The other 14 hours of the day, they are pretty much just loud.
And they are driving me CRAZY!

They are getting older and don't necessarily come get us the moment they wake up anymore, so we invariably wake up to a mess, or worse, someone starts to cry his eyes out because the other one just kicked / punched / pushed / hit / threw a toy at or spit on him.

Oh yes, you read correctly.  Somewhere along the way, they decided that spitting on people, or the floor in the house was appropriate behaviour.  WTF?!

OK, I should say they haven't done that in a long time, mainly because this is what I turned in to the last time I went into their room to tell them to hush and go to bed and stepped in a puddle of spit:

Annnyway - 

As I was saying, our mornings start out a little rough and now comes the morning rush.

I'm on disability right now, but I don't want to get into that right now... another post - another day.

OK, so the morning rush is much better at the moment since I don't actually have to worry about getting my own derrière to work, but with Ty starting school, I do have to respect a certain schedule.  I was kinda getting used to waltzing in to daycare whenever, and this is new.

By the time I get them both fed and dressed, I prepare Ty's lunch and snacks, get the backpacks filled, mediate two or three fights, probably at least one siren  (you know, when they start to cry and it starts off like an old time police siren) and get them off to school / daycare, I'm already kind of tired.  If I had to up and leave for work at that moment, I might just sit and cry.

After school / dinner time is usually pretty cool.  They're just getting home, they're tired, and all they really want are some cuddles and snacks and to sit quietly watching TV.  So I usually sit for a bit, but then have to get up and start dinner, which one of them always complains about.

Ty will eat pretty much anything, but Mickey is such a finicky little thing, and every time you try to give him something new, he acts like you're trying to poison him.  Often, he'll like something once, but then, when you try to give it to him again, he acts like its the grossest thing he's ever seen.

The one thing he categorically refuses to taste that still flabbergasts me is Froot Loops: they are coloured to look like candy, and TASTE like freaking candy!  He acts like it's rat poison.

Just this morning, I put a popular dig's breakfast sandwich in front of him that had egg, sausage and cheese.  He REFUSED to even taste it, yet he loves all of these things.  I swear, sometimes I think he's just messing with me.  He probably eats the stupid Froot Loops while I'm sleeping.

After dinner can be a rough period, they get a second wind and start causing trouble or playing roughly which inevitably leads to at least one siren, but usually multiple ones.

*The worse is when they both go off at once.  You hear the BANG! and then the wwwwaaaaAAAAAAAAA starts, and it's like, OK, what happened now?  Not to mention the constant arguing over toys, couch space, floor space, bathroom space, who will turn off the TV /flick the light switch /press the button... "I wanna press the button!  I WANNA PRESS THE BUTTON!!  wwaaaAAA" Well, you get the picture)

I have never been the most patient person, and I have zero tolerance for this kind of chaos and insanity over such insignificant matters.

I'm strict and try to run a tight ship.  It's been made clear, and I reinforce it every day, that THEY are not the leaders here:  MY WORD IS LAW, and the sooner they get that through their heads, the happier we will all be.

But at the end of the day, when all is said and done, parenting may not be the easiest of jobs, but when Ty looks at me with a twinkle in his eye because he's just said something clever /funny, or Mickey comes up and gives me one of those super Mickey hugs that's like no other hug I've ever gotten...

Well, my heart melts and I know I'll do it all again gladly tomorrow, because I love them more than I ever knew I could love, and I can't imagine my life any other way.


  1. I don't want to give a pep talk here but a healthy diet can go a long way in helping with behavior issues. Hint, Fruit Loops aren't really part of a healthy diet. : ) Said with complete LOVE, please no snake tongue! LOL

  2. You and I will probably never agree on food... Your diet is way too restrictive for me. Eating is such a simple pleasure of life. In my view, you close yourself off to too many beautiful culinary experiences.

    The kids Dad is a chef, and they are both great eaters, but Mickey likes what he likes when he likes it, and it may not be the same thing twice... infuriating. He also judges food by the look of it, while Tyler will actually force himself to retry something until he learns to like it. It's weird actually, I have never seen a child do that.

    That being said, I think a healthy diet is a balanced one, and there is nothing wrong with a few treats thrown in. Froot loops, Captain Crunch, Cornpops.. they're part of any normal childhood these days I think. Also worth mentionning that the only cereal Mickey WILL eat is raisin bran, which Tyler likes as well, and he also loves various kinds of toasted oats.

    As for the behaviour, well I don't really thing they are any different from any other young boys, but I think many parents would agree that it all gets frustrating and overwhelming sometimes! Boys have WAY too much energy... especially for someone as lazy as me!!! LOL

    Much love back xx

  3. This is great and sounds sooooooooo much like my Isn't parenting fun? No, really I love it and my kids. Sometimes though... ;)

  4. one headed...part irish...2 next week...enough said...! lol believe me i feel ya! Somebody could have told me it was against the "LAW" to take the dang wrapper off the juice box myself before giving it to him...LOL

  5. LOL! I know! My boy gets all upset with me if I open the car door for him. But I wanted to do it!!! grrrr


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  7. LOL! Hilarious but totally true as I go thru the same with my two boys, but we love em and when they hug & kiss you it totally outweigh's the annoying things that they do "Boys will be boys". :-)

  8. So glad you liked it Rene! Sure is true, when they grab you by the neck and squeeze you tight, it seems like it all fades away... tricky little buggers aren't they? LOLOLOL

  9. Definately not an easy job... parenting.
    My son is loud too ^^