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Sunday, 11 September 2011

How to: Water Marble Nail Art

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As an artist, the world is my canvas.

I love to create beauty everywhere I look, and that includes myself.

To me, hair, make-up, nail colours, clothing, shoes, coats, hats, purses, etc. are all tools to be used in creating a work of art: the perfect look.

I am a girly girl for sure, and am forever fascinated by both fashion and style.

While surfing youtube the other day, I came across a series of videos by this girl showing really cool effects that can be done with nail polish.

This one really caught my attention:

Her creativity is astonishing, isn't it? 

 I'd really like to know who came up with this idea in the first place and how!!!

Of course, I just had to try it out, check out my results below:

I must say: this was very time consuming! (two base coats, taping each finger, the water coat, two top coats and considerable curing time for such a thick application - 5 coats if you're counting!)

Total time: almost two hours!!!

The results do speak for themselves though, it looks like a professional manicure, and I'm quite pleased.  Probably for special occasions only, but it's a cool trick to know for sure!

I did my thumbs and index fingers with the recommended white base coats, but I did a pink base on all my other nails.  I then only used the pink, purple and silver as my design colours. The pictures don't really show the designs on the darker nails, but they look pretty cool as well.

Let me know if you decide to try it out!

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