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Tuesday, 4 October 2011

Chrystal River in Columbia -The 8th World Wonder?

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Hello Again Dear Readers!  So glad to have you back!

Here's a little gem I found at that I simply had to share with you:

Cano Cristales - Crystal River. River of five colors, as the locals call it, originates in the south of the mountain chain Macarena, Colombia
Honestly, I don't understand how I can be 33 years old and not have known about this until now. I feel like my school system failed me! (kidding)

It is probably the most beautiful place in the world, I want to go there right now and never ever leave!

Here are some more pics... Enjoy them: I certainly did!

This looks like a candy river... could it be what inspired Willy Wonka?

It's Mickey Mouse!  lol
ruby red
wow wow wow
I wanna go NOW.  NOW I SAID!!!
This is the stuff dreams are made of...

I find this one looks like the inside of stone...
Simply put: Unbelievably Wondrous. 

Apparently it's all scientific and different algies, but I'd say it's just another blessing, and just another one of those wonders of the world that make you question or strengthen your faith...

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