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Monday, 3 October 2011

A tribute to sand art - and the human mind.

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I "stumbled" upon this video while surfing the net the other day... it's rather long but quite amazing!

I can't imagine putting so much energy into something that would be washed away by the ocean or blown away by the wind, but his passion is intoxicating, it's almost as if he's in a trance: every move calculated, every step coordinated.  Quite extraordinary! 

I think most people will have already seen this one, but it wouldn't be a tribute to sand art without sharing this one.  It's the first of this genre I ever saw, the story she tells about a soldier going off to war and his young wife is beautiful, and the music makes it all very very powerful.  Enjoy!

It never ceases to amaze me what artists are capable of.  Talk about creating something from nothing.  We see beauty where others only see trash.

In case you're enjoying this just as much as I am, here's one last one that I think is worth sharing  the use of the different coloured bulbs in the light box make for an interesting effect.

Hope you enjoyed! There are many more if you just search "sand art" on youtube.

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