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Monday, 24 October 2011

Pure Rage: Anger Management Fail

Pin It Today I had a moment of pure rage, and it was directed at a 12 year old.

It certainly wasn't my best moment, but the dang idiot aimed his bike at my 4 year olds back and stopped an inch short of slamming in to him. 

I'm such a mama bear, I instantly shouted "What the heck are you doing?! Are you insane?!" (in French slang: Cossé tu fait là?!!! T'es-tu cinglé?!)

Little monster starts giving me attitude: "I didn't even hit him".

I wanted to clock him and told him to get away from there before I made it my mission to find his mother. Of course then some like 14? year old kids show up and they start goading him on, and he starts yelling dumb comments my way.

He was an ugly little fat kid, and all I wanted to do was destroy him, my anger having caused a rage in me so intense I was boiling.  Another side effect from dealing with bipolar disorder I suppose. Anger is probably my biggest trigger.

All evening I've been talking to him in my head, and even I can't believe how mean I am! }:o Oh the things I'd say to him, I have a quick toungue: I'd have him rolled up in a ball crying like a baby... I know, there's something wrong with me.

I think I'm having a hard time letting go because he goes to Tyler' school, and I'm a little worried this could cause problems for him there.

All I know is I truly hope no one ever tries to hurt my boys, cause I swear I'll be doing jail time.... ;)

How would you have reacted?  
Much love,


  1. i think you reacted well-those 'heat of the moment'actions can be costly-i hate it that he messed up your day-thank goodness he didnt hit your son

  2. Hummm not so bad. I know as moms and adults we are supposed to be perfect and even tempered... PFFFT!!!

    I get royally angry when a kid who demands respect doesn't give it... You could have grabbed him by the ear and MADE him show you where he lives and blasted him mom (or dad).

    You did good!

  3. I would have done the exact same thing including ripping him to shreds in my head after the fact.

  4. Thanks Everyone! Nice to know that I'm not alone... Marie-Louise, Believe me, I wanted to. Just not sure where the law stood on it. I felt like sitting in my car and waiting him out to follow him home. But then I was afraid there might be an APB going out about some crazy lady with purple hair stalking kids with a red car...

    Thanks Mebuford, he really kind of did ruin my day, I had been enjoying the park so much up until that moment. The sun was finally shining and the trees were just the perfect shade of golden orange, the air was crisp and clean...

    What I hate though, is that I wasn't able to let it go, and therefore I ruined my day.

    (after all, Mickey wasn't hurt and the fact that this little sh** has no manners shouldn't be my concern)

    On the plus side, I saw him at Tyler's school this morning. He was very quick to look away. Not so tough without his little buddies, huh?

    If I'm really lucky, I'll catch him with his mom one morning real soon.... mouhahahahaha