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Sunday, 23 October 2011

Listen To Your Inner Voice - It Knows What It's Talking About

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Shari G, another author on Broowaha, shares a powerful piece with us entitled "The Voice".  

Her intro caught my attention right away: 

"Have you noticed that no matter what you do in life, there has been one constant nagging voice in your head that always shows up at certain times in your life?"

I think this article appeals to me because it really addresses what I've been going through.  Her sentence: "That voice keeps coming back because that voice wants to stop being ignored" sums up everything I have been feeling. I've been unhappy in my life because I fought my intuition and my instincts and tried to contort myself into someone I could never be. 

She goes on to say: "Don’t get me wrong, the love of your life will show up or has shown up and that makes you content; for awhile. That job you love, makes you happy too; for awhile. You will find things throughout your life that will distract you and even make you happy, but there will always be a sense of incompleteness."  

Again, this really hits home with me as it's been so true.  I've held many different jobs, and they all captivated me for a while, but once I'd learned all that I could learn, I'd lose interest.  And I have never felt truly complete.

In her conclusion, she states the following: "Those desires weren't placed in your heart randomly. It is your spirit itching at you to let it be! To live up to your infinite potential! To live a life so fulfilling that no-thing and nobody can take away that joy that is YOURS! This is what that voice is about. This is what you need to start paying attention to. This is the voice that will change your life if you love yourself enough to believe in yourself!"

I do believe in myself.  I do have a message to deliver.  I do have the power to affect change.  And I will follow my dreams.

Thank you Shari, this path I've chosen isn't an easy one, but you've helped reinforce that this is the correct path for me, and the one that will lead me to MY joy.

What about you?  Have you found your joy?  
Much Love, 


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