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Wednesday, 2 November 2011

Amazing Art You Can Create With Your iPhone or iPad

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I may have mentioned this once or twice before, but I dream of owning an iPad...

For now, I must be content with my iPhone 3GS...

One of the main reasons I want the iPad 2 is because I've been dabbling in digital illustrations, and there are so many great apps for drawing, movie making, photo editing, and more.

I recently purchased a stylus, which, for some reason, I thought could only be used with an iPad. Well, what a difference it has made! I purchased two new apps, Zen Brush, and ArtStudio, and I'm simply amazed at what I've been able to draw/paint with them. Zen Brush is only in black and white, but ArtStudio uses full colour, and even allows you to import pictures to work on. Plus, and this is the greatest part in my view, you can make up to 6 layers, which can be quite helpful. For example, in this "painting", I first created the background image and then created a second layer with the tree. This way, if you're unhappy with something, you can erase it without losing your background image.

Here are some sketches I did using Zen Brush (as a side note: they offer more options than the Sepia Background, but I think it's the nicest one):

One of my first sketches, a quick rendering of a picture of my oldest.

I absolutely love this one. It reminds me of a painting that used to hang in my grandfather's room.

Skater boy

Pond... a quick sketch of a painting I've been working on.

Bunny!!! He was one of my first, and not really a masterpiece, but I really like him.

Drawing hair with this app is so easy, I've never been able to do it better with a pencil. Highlights are created with the eraser, which you can make any size you like. Both apps offer different qualities, and I recommend them both. Also, they were quite inexpensive (I think the most expensive was ArtStudio, but for $3.99, I feel it packs a whole lot of value). A stylus definitely offers greater precision, I couldn't have created these without it.

Now imagine what I could do if I wasn't limited to the tiny screen of an iPhone...

Hope you enjoyed!

Much Love,

PS: If you're in the market for a stylus, Amazon offers some great deals... this is the one I purchased... for half the price of what I paid at Best Buy.

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