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Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Bank of Canada: The New 100 Dollar Bill

Pin It Leave it to USA Today to be the one's to break the news to me about the new $100 Canadian Bill.

Apparently is was released Monday by the Bank of Canada.

It seems the new bill is made of polymer.  It is thin, shiny, high-tech, and recyclable.  Not to mention nearly impossible to tear or counterfeit.  I love the nearly.  Otherwise stated, that means there are ways.  I wonder how much money this endeavour cost Canadians?

Here's a youtube video about it:  

Ugh.  Not sure I like this.  $50 polymer bills are to be out by March of 2012, with smaller denominations slated for 2013.  Wallets will need to be better secured, all this polymer based money will be slippery.

What do you think of this "advance" in money techonology?



  1. Lol, it tears. As all I've grown up with in Australia are polymer banknotes. Pretty sure we even invented them over here :)

    Great work on your blog, I like to check it out every now and then, it's great to read. :)

  2. Thanks for the props Gaby! So glad you're enjoying it! Feel free to spread the word, I can use all the help I can get ;)

    Can't believe we are spending so much money on something that can still tear. GRRR LOL