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Sunday, 20 November 2011

I Accepted My First Oscar Last Night

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It's happened!  It has finally happened!  I accepted my first Oscar yesterday.  Me, Felicia-May Stevenson, from Buckingham, Quebec.  I've been watching for so long, revelling in the dresses, crying happy tears with the winners, imagining what it would be like to be in their place.

I don't have to imagine anymore, it's actually happened to me!  Who would have thought, back in 2011 when I started my first blog, that this is where it would lead me?  So many people had told me my dreams could come true, but it only became a reality on the day I decided to believe.

Things started happening so quickly for me after that first day.  I reached out to Britney Spears, as a fellow bipolar mother of 2 boys, and she followed me back on Google+.  I sat and stared in disbelief, unsure what to think, what it all meant, but in that moment I wept open tears, as it felt like a confirmation that I was finally on the right track, on the way to making my dreams come true.

It's been such a whirlwind since then! 

  • More celebrities started to follow me and I met some wonderful friends online, both on Twitter and on Broowaha, and all of their encouragement helped me to keep on.
  • I published my first e-book, a children's story I penned out in twenty minutes, and to my surprise, it became quite popular.  
  • I turned it into a series and made good enough money to invest in other ventures I'd dreamed of, and help some friends and family the way I'd always wanted to.

One of the best days was when my agent called to tell me I'd been invited for an interview on The View!!!  

I'll never forget that moment, trying so hard to keep my cool on the phone as I jotted down some info... When I finally hung up, I screamed the loudest "Woohoo!" I'd ever screamed and my children and husband came running.  I knelt down to hug them, laughing and sobbing at the same time, telling them what had just happened.  I think my oldest was seven at the time.  They didn't really understand, but they got caught up in my excitement, and we stood there, jumping up and down for a good little while.

And now this!!!  I couldn't even believe I'd been nominated, and even as I sit here and stare at my golden Oscar sitting on my mantle, I can barely believe I actually heard the words "And the Oscar goes to: Felicia-May Stevenson" last night.  I cried like a baby on stage, not sure anyone understood a word beyond "Thaaaaaank Youuuuuuu" in my acceptance speech.  People at home probably thought the sound had cut off because at some point my voice reached an octave only dogs could hear.

It was an amazing evening, one of the best of my life.  The after parties were crazy, and after all this time, it's still really gets me that I could be hobnobbing with people I've admired for so long from so far.  Christina Aguilera was there, and after we'd had a few drinks, we actually broke out in song together at the table!!!  I don't think anyone could hear my voice over hers, but it was still possibly the single coolest moment of my entire life.

Or maybe it was when Brad and Angelina came over to congratulate me.  I know Brad's pushing 60 now, but he's still so damn hot.  Barry held my hand extra tight until he left our table, but he has nothing to fear, he's my lobster.  Brad's just fun to look at, that's all. ;)

The boys are 15 and almost 14 now, they were so excited when I called home.  My oldest gave me flack for sobbing like a child, but I know he was just kidding, as he knows I can't help it.  It's amazing how good my life has become, and all because I decided to make a change.  Because I decided to believe in myself and stop listening to all the negative voices, both interior and exterior that were telling me I couldn't do it.

It feels so good to have proven them wrong.  

Felicianation's empire is going strong, we just launched La Fée Licia cosmetics line and Barry's doing wonders with Felicitations, our restaurant chain.  We're expanding from Canada into 5 different states next year, and we're currently discussing our line of Barry's recipes!!!  My best friend Julie runs Teennation, a foundation we started to help homeless teens.   We're up to ten homes already, each housing 30 kids from 12-17!  She's so great with them, gives so much of herself.  Actually our annual teen reunion is coming up... we're taking all the kids up to Wonderland, in Ontario.  We'll camp next to the grounds and spend the day at the park.  They're really excited because Drew Ryniewicz from x-factor fame is giving a concert the night before. We're only going to keep growing.

It's been 9 years since I started this journey, and I've made every impossible dream I've ever dreamt come true.  It hard to believe that I will turn 42 years old this year, but at least I can say I've made something of myself, and besides, my forties are way better than my twenties ever were.


Much Love,

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  1. prophecy????

    mononk pu anonyme

  2. Hi Felicia, (same name as my mum)I absolutely love your blog!

    Especially liked the post about whether your child is evil or not, as I know for a fact that my Lil Spawn is the Devil incarnate.

    Will be following you once Google decide to fix mine and other's faulty followers button. So just view me for now, as a follower by proxy. :0)

  3. @ mononk... that's the plan ;)

    @Lily It always surprises me when I hear of other Felicia's... I've only ever met 1!

    So glad you liked the blog, thrilled to think of you as a follower by proxy... New followers make me happy ;)