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Tuesday, 22 November 2011

5 Reasons Why My Home is Making Me Sick

Pin It That's it, I've had it.  This place has been my home for 6 years, I've lived here longer than I've ever been anywhere in my whole life.  But I just can't take it any more.

The first couple of years weren't so bad, but it's been pure hell ever since.

I have recently come to realize that this apartment is making me ill, and it's not even because of mould or any other disaster.

(Though I wouldn't be surprised if an inspection did reveal mould, we seem to get sick here a lot)

Here are the 5 reasons why my home is making me sick.

  1. The Landlord is insane.
  2. The first neighbours to live below me had two kids, and they would allow them to play basketball... on the ceiling (AKA my floor).  At some point, they got cockroaches, and they started crawling in through my bathroom.  I also watched a fruit peel rot over several months on their kitchen's window sill.
  3. I ended up missing them when they were gone, because they were still better than the next people.  They had a 1000 watt base they would play all hours of the day and night, causing a constant vibration in my entire apartment.  He was a drunk, and they would get into terrible fights.  They were also constantly having parties, and the whole building would shake as they would slam the doors all night long.  The police were called in numerous times, but they kept on bothering us until the last day they lived there.  The current neighbour also has a hard time remembering he has neighbours and occasionally blasts the music way past acceptable levels, but thankfully, it isn't as frequent, and not all night.
  4. Then there were the two young girls who used to throw wild parties all the time.  The building's doors would slam all night long, and once their friends set off the building's fire alarm because too many of them were smoking in the stairwell... at 3:00 AM.
  5. The one that takes the cake is my newest neighbour: she has decided that it's too cold to smoke outside, and she doesn't want to smoke in her apartment, so she's going to sit in the hallway to smoke all winter... beside my door.  The worse thing is the freaking pot-pourri scented crap she sprays to mask the smoke.  It's so intense, I can't even breathe when I come up the steps.  I've been so nice to her, have given her food several times, and when I asked her nicely to stop, she pretty much told me to f-off.

"Ah ben Tabarn...!"  Excuse my French, when I'm really angry, my interjections come out in my mother tongue. ;)

That was my last freaking straw.  If I don't leave this building, I'm either going to strangle one of my neighbours or the landlord some day soon.

Let me tell ya, you have to think you're something pretty f-ing special to think that your apartment's too good to smoke in, but it's OK to disturb 15 other apartments.

These people cause me anxiety, make my blood pressure rise and are generally just ruining all semblance of quality of life we ever had here.  They have made me start to hate the home I loved so much.

It's time to go.

And good news!  I left the landlord a message yesterday asking if she'd let me out of my lease early, telling her I just didn't want to fight any more... with her or the neighbours.

She called back this morning, and the mere sound of the phone sent my heart racing and my whole body shaking.  I waited a full 15 minutes for my breath to calm down before listening to her message.  She was her usual psycho-bitch self, but she said "Yes Felicia, you can leave with pleasure..."

HAHA!  The pleasure's all mine, biotch.  My mental health will greatly improve when I don't have to deal with any of you people any more.  



  1. Ah Felicia, I used to live in your neighborhood for 3 years. This post brings me back, I had similar experiences (though with a different landlord) There are other affordable places that are good for children. You can try out the area closer to where your hubby works, where the university is. Anyways, good luck!

  2. Si je gagne à la loterie Félicia, je vais t'acheter une maison...heureusement que malgré tout tu peux en rire...

    toujours mononk