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Thursday, 8 December 2011

Nicole Scherzinger fails to save Rachel Crow on X Factor

Pin It Watching The X Factor tonight was just devastating.

I was already broken hearted last week when we lost my favourite, Drew Ryniewicz.  This is a video of her first audition, when she won my heart and that of many others, I'm sure:

Tonight, in the bottom two, were Marcus Canty and Rachel Crow.  Now I like Marcus Canty well enough.  He has a good voice and smile.  But he doesn't move me, you know?

Now Rachel, well Rachel Crow is 12 years old.  This girl doesn't just sing, she sangs!  She was gracious and lovely, and when she was in the bottom two tonight, she did her very best to keep her chin up and swallow her tears.

The two of them had to sing for survival, and while Marcus' performance was good, hers was phenomenal... as you can see for yourself by watching this video of Rachel's save me song "I'd rather be blind".  Notice how moved Paula and Nicole seem to be.

While she had given quite a few noteworthy performances throughout, this was definitely her crowning moment. She gave that song every last bit of emotion she was feeling and it was bone chilling good.  You wouldn't think this was coming from a twelve year old pre-teen.  I'm sure everyone thought she would be saved, including Marcus Canty, who seemed completely defeated after her performance.

WELL!!! When the time came to vote, LA Reid obviously went with Marcus, and Simon Cowell with Rachel, Paula Abdul joined Simon and it all came down to Nicole Scherzinger.  She sat there blubbering and copped out, refusing to send Marcus home, knowing full well she should, and sent it to deadlock, so it would be decided by the votes.

I guess she thought for sure that with Marcus having been in the bottom two for three weeks in a row that he would be going home, but you saw her face crumple when the words hit her and she realized what she'd just done.

I'm not happy with her.  I think she failed to do her job and took the cowards way out, and didn't do anyone any favours by doing so.  Rachel is young and her career will go on, but Marcus Canty will now forever be remembered as the guy who should have been sent home instead of Rachel Crow.

As for Nicole Scherzinger, I think it will take a while before the haters calm themselves, despite the fact that she looked totally heartbroken when she heard the results.

According to Marc Malkin, she will be releasing a new solo album shortly and is slated to perform one song on an up-coming episode of X Factor.  In Marc's article, she's quoted as saying: "I have the song in mind, but I never know if I'm going to change my mind depending on how I'm feeling".

I wonder if there's an "I'm sorry I acted like a coward and failed to do my job" song on that album? 

Watching Rachel Crow crumple to the floor after being told she was eliminated was heart wrenching, but part of me feels bad for all the backlash Nicole's getting as well.

There was an article somewhere showing her facebook page, and all of the incredibly hateful messages she was receiving.  Apparently there were death threats last week with Drew, I imagine there will be more this week with Rachel.  It's all a bit too extreme for my liking.

Was it a horrible decision? Yes.  Should she have millions of people sending her hate mail?  No.  Maybe just her boss. :)


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