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Monday, 30 January 2012

Funky French Manicure How To

Pin It I found this great new product the other day and am so happy with my results I thought I'd share.

It's called Art Deco, and I found it at the local junk store when I was picking up a birthday card.  It comes in almost every colour under the sun, and was only $2.00, so I decided to try it.

What I liked best about this nail polish is the brush:  It is very long with a very fine tip.  Perfect for detail work!

 I've seen many variations of this type of nail polish, I'm pretty sure any brand you can find locally will do the job.

 I started with a clear base coat, did two coats of the silver, trying to keep the lines straight.  The brush was helpful, and it was pretty easy.  The sparkles in the polish makes the nails feel a little bumpy, but two generous coats of a clear top coat smoothed it right out.

I swear the toughest part of a manicure is managing  not to screw it up while it dries!  It may feel dry to the touch, but if you've done several coats, it will take longer to cure, so any actual pressure could dent or smudge all your hard work.  (which happens to me probably 50% of the time, despite my best efforts!)

I love how much they sparkle!!!  This would be beautiful for a night out... perhaps
for the upcoming hot Valentine's day date you've got planned? 

One last quick tip:  Did you know that if you're out of nail polish remover, you can use fresh nail polish to remove the old stuff?  Simply apply a thin coat and wipe, the new polish will remove the old.  Humph.  Who would have thought?

Much Love, 

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