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Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Anniversaries and Life Changing Milestones

Pin It It's my 5 month Bloggerversary!!!  

I just realized this as I was working on another post, and I decided it's an important enough milestone that it deserves to be celebrated... or at least get an honorable mention ;)

I read on many other sites that most bloggers don't make it past the six month mark.  They get discouraged or uninspired and their blogs fall to the wayside, disappearing into cyberspace.

When I first started this blog, I was in a hypomania episode and was so inflated that I was completely convinced that I had found the answer to all of my prayers.  Later, when I started to feel depressed again, the blog became neglected and I feared that I would be like most bloggers and let my blog die.

But I'm still here.  Maybe not as frequently, but I'm still here.

This is also partly due to the wonderful people I've met since starting this endeavour.  There's Kristen, who reaches out to me when I've been quiet for too long.  And Amy, who'll have private rant conversations with me through Twitter.  And Marie-Louise, who's struggles worry me the most, her trials are many, but still, she is kind-hearted enough to check up on me when I don't check in often enough.  There are many more, such as Tony over at Broowaha

So maybe blogging really has been the answer to all my prayers, as I've finally found a venue for my voice, and in the process, found the support system I so desperately needed.  While I haven't reached the levels of page views and followers I covet yet, I've helped at least a handful of people, and that feels pretty good.

Whether you have Bipolar, Depression, Anxiety, or any other disorder, there are people out there just like you, with experiences just like yours.  It may even shock you to see how similar, and to discover that things you never thought to associate to your disorder seem to be a common trait amongst our kind.

Lean on me, because some day I may need to lean on you too, as the song used to go.

Thanks so much for being with me on this journey, it's far from over, and it can only get better.  I still dare to dream, dare to believe.  I can make great things happen for me and my family, and I can do it on my own terms.

Here's to the next 5 months!

Much Love, 


  1. Hey Sweetie, Good to see you & Thanks for the support you have given me when I need it.(bibliofleur)

  2. I am so glad that I found your blog(or you found mine). You have definitely been a wonderful addition into my internet life. Thank you for the kind words. Please know that when I don't want to write, I think of you and how honest you have been with us. You have given me the courage to air some stuff that I never thought I'd put out in the public sphere. Looking forward to the next five months and beyond!

  3. Thank you so much ladies! I can't tell you what your kind words mean to me. xxxx