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Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Mrs Green Thumb

Pin It May 1 at last.

One the best things about living in a house is that we actually have land to call our own.

I'd been itching to get at my front flower bed for weeks, as the day lilies and the hostas were pushed back under the porch and also very random, babies sprouting here and there.  Actually, when the hostas started to peak out, I thought they looked a lot like asparagus.  Luckily, a friend of mine recognized them because she has some too.

Yesterday was a beautiful day, so I spent the afternoon working on it.

It took 3.5 hours of intensive labor.

I swear, those plants must be rooted all the way to China!  I would jump with both feet on the shovel and still have a hard time breaking to root pack.  One of the reasons I procrastinated this long was that I was afraid I'd kill the plants by trying to transplant them.  After seeing the roots on them, I'd be shocked if they didn't survive.  The biggest day lily, the one I named "The mother", must have weighed 20 pounds with her root pact that was bigger than 2 adult heads!

The worse part was the worms though.  My lawn is obviously very fertile and healthy, because I found worms of all sizes and colours while working... Shudder.  I know, I'm playing in their house and should expect to see them, but ugh.  They give me the heebe-jeebees.  I'm getting shivers again just thinking of them.  I know.  I'm such a girl.

All the hard work definitely paid off though, because I'm delighted with the results!

I need to fill it up more, and seed the grass which is looking pretty sad, but it already looks 1000 percent better.

Any suggestions on a pretty flower that doesn't need much direct sunlight?

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