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Monday, 11 June 2012

Storm Chaser

Pin It I have always had a thing for storms.

I love the sound of thunder, and thrill as the sky is illuminated by lightning.  Now that I'm lucky enough to have a covered front porch, I can sit comfortably and stay dry while I watch the havoc.  

It's awesome.

Here are a few pics from the fierce storm we had the other day.  

It's like the clouds are being peeled back and the light is shining through...

Hail the size of large peas and very strong winds.  The rain started very suddenly and was coming down so hard that it was just bouncing off the gutters. It was like someone was pouring buckets from the roof.  It was sooo cool. LOL, I know, I'm weird.

And then the calm...

What a beautiful sunset.

What about you?  Do you run and take cover or are you like me, do you revel in the sound and light show mother nature's putting on for us?


  1. I adore thunderstorms. You got some great shots here!

  2. Thanks Pam... I took about 150 to end up with these. Just a little patience! LOL