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Friday, 20 July 2012

Am I An Empath?

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As I read the news this morning and tried to absorb the horror that is the shooting at the "Dark Knight Rising", I couldn't stop the tears that came and the overwhelming sadness I felt through the pictures of the aftermath.

My mood always seems to be affected by those that surround me, and I am highly sensitive to my environment.

I can't listen to heavy metal music, or techno music, as the anger from one and the frenetic beat of the other affect me quite negatively. I begin to feel angry, or upset, without having my own reason to feel that way.

I tend to be the person people want to talk about their problems with. I often end up making them feel better, but am left feeling their sadness or anger, or feeling completely drained by the conversation, depending on the severity of their problems.

According to various websites, these are all signs of an Empath.

The things is, I am not an absolute believer in psychic powers, but I do get strange premonitions, and have felt at times that I caused certain events.

Once, when we were following a motorcycle on a highway that was under construction and reduced to two-way traffic with those huge cones separating us, the driver decided it would be a good idea to slalom through the cones to impress his friends. Thing is he was following an ambulance, and the moment I said: "Yeah dumbass, you really want a ride in that ambulance, don't you?", he wiped out.

Merely coincidence? Probably, right?

There was also the bartender who used to spin bottles. He was really good at it, even won competitions, but whenever I was watching, he'd drop his bottles and break them.

More coincidence? Perhaps he had a crush on me? He sure never let on if he did.

There was also the time I asked the sun to go away on a completely sunny day, because I didn't have my sunglasses and was driving a long distance. Within 20 minutes, we went from not one cloud in the sky to being completely overcast.

It doesn't mean anything does it? I mean it's crazy to think so, right? Even though these are only a few examples amongst hundreds?

Honestly, I'd rather tell people I'm bipolar than tell them I have some sort of psychic abilities. Somehow it still sounds saner to me.

What do you think? Have you ever felt this way? If these are powers, how do I harness them?

I must find a way to control my empathic abilities, because they are probably the source of much of my pain.


  1. I have had lots and lots of experiences like these. Most have to do with friends. One time I was talking to a friend and she commented on how often her mom was out of the house at a girl-friend(who is gay). I made a flippant comment about how it would be funny if her mom and her mom's friend were lesbians together(I was in high school). That night she called me in tears because her mom had been cheating on her dad with that friend.
    There have been other times where I have been somewhere and suddenly gotten a strange feeling in the pit of my stomach. A feeling so strong that I left where ever I was. Within 2 hours of all three times this has happened, something really bad happened and I would have been caught up in it had I not left.
    I have even woken up from dreams with the urge to call someone and when I did, found out that they were in the middle of some life altering tragedy.
    I am VERY sensitive to other people's emotions(maybe that's why I'm in the psych field) and often think I feel things too much.

    In short, no you are not crazy. I think that we simply feel more than other people. Maybe we are more in tune with "the forces that be" than others are. Use it for good. =)

  2. Thanks for your comment Kristen. I wish I knew more about this... and more importantly, HOW to use it!!!