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Thursday, 31 January 2013

One Day At A Time...

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Ugh. Life, why don't you just kiss my...

I'm having one of those mornings where it just seems like all my thoughts are dark and gloomy.

My husband (well, common-law spouse, but same difference) just called to tell me that his bosses are changing his shift and this means he will have to work Saturdays from now on.

After hanging up with him, I called my kid's school daycare program about March break, and I was informed that daycare will be closed at that time.  Thank God I have a week's vacation I can take, but damn.  What do they expect parents to do?  They are off for two weeks at Christmas, one week in march, and there's a three week period in the summer between the end of summer camp and the beginning of school.

Who has six weeks of vacation a year?  What are we suppose to do with them?

I've been work force adjusted at work.  (that's just a fancy way of saying that I will be laid off shortly)

I have to make a decision about the options I've been given, which are basically a) I stay here for another 12 months while I try to find a position elsewhere, b) I take a "transitional support amount" which would be 26 weeks of salary and resign from my position or c) I get the same amount of money, but also have a $10,000 education allowance, and can either resign immediately, or keep the door open for two years in case I want to come back.

My plan is to open up a small restaurant with my husband, a small food court style place that's open Monday to Friday and serves breakfast and lunch.

The thing is though, if we open this restaurant, what the heck are we suppose to do with the kids for 6 weeks a year?  What about when they are sick?  When we are sick?

Is this even a feasible plan?

I honestly think it would be the best thing for us, and our best chance at advancement in this world of ours.  The beginning of the empire...

With a little success, we could live well, even possibly open a chain of "Felicitations" food court restaurants.  Or make enough money during the first ten years to then open our big family style restaurant.  The one I've been seeing in my minds eye for years now.

I know I have to remain positive, and have some faith.  In the past years, all the stars have aligned in such a way that I have been given all that I need, if not all that I want.  I need to trust that this will continue to be the case.

This whole starting a business thing is much more complicated than I had anticipated.  If you want to get any kind of financing, you have to create a business plan, including a market analysis, and I find myself in unknown territory.

Given my mental health issues, uncertainty is not a friend of mine.  In fact, we hate each other with a passion.

Breathe deeply and carry on.

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