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Wednesday, 9 January 2013

Reality Sucks

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Today was rough.

My youngest wouldn't get dressed this morning.

I yelled at him because he made me miss my bus.  He cried. I left still feeling angry, and now I miss him and I feel bad.

I couldn't find my damn pass when I got to work. I called seven different people, but no one was answering. Finally, I was saved by one of my co-workers, as he appeared out of nowhere like a beam of light on a dark day.

So he signed me in, but when I got out of the elevator on my floor, I couldn't get in to any of the doors. Of course, no one was around. So I bent down to put all my stuff back in my bag, as it was still open from my frantic search in the lobby. Just then he appeared again, having come back down as it had dawned on him that I wouldn't be able to get in. I could've just cried.

Words couldn't express my gratitude.

So he let me in and I made my way to my cubicle (which I'm seriously lucky to have.) After I took off my coat, I went to take a long sip of the $2.55 vitamin water I had just purchased... Only to realize that I had left it on the security guard's counter, downstairs. You know, the place where I was just stranded.

That was the moment I burst into tears.

And it all just went downhill from there.

I couldn't get myself to concentrate on anything anyway.

I tried so hard to control myself, but my misery got the best of me. My best friend called and I basically hung up on her because the sound of her sympathetic voice was about to make me sob loudly.

After tearing up for an unknown number of times, I looked at the bus schedule and asked my boss to be excused for the day so I could catch the earliest express that would take me home, where at least no one would see me as I balled my eyes out. He was very kind and sympathetic, and I really appreciate that.

When I think about it, I really do work with a kind bunch of people, thank you so much... Especially you, Mr. Sunshine on a gloomy day. Coming back down to let me in was, for lack of better words, just so considerate of you, and that's such a rare quality. Your wife and son are very lucky people.

Tonight I will have a hot bath, get some sleep and try again tomorrow.

Today was just one day, today was just one day, today was just one day, today was just one day, today was just one day...