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Thursday, 24 October 2013

More Polymer Clay Pieces

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Hey guys! How's it going?

Polymer clay jewelry by FelicianationI am very excited and in full production as I gear up for two art fairs in November. Only 9 sleeps left until the first one, so I'm creating non stop, really hoping to do well in these shows. I'm not holding my breath, since my flea market experiences were so disapointing, but I keep having to remind myself of a few things. 

First off, we were at the flea market on two very slow days. All of the vendors were complaining that it was one of their worse days. Second, I don't think it was the right market for us. People go to flea markets to find cheap deals, not to buy artisan work. So while I got a lot of compliments, compliments don't pay the rent!

I'm really hoping my theory will prove true, and that the craft fairs will bring me the right audience, and mostly, that they'll love my stuff enough to want to buy it!

If you're from around these parts, be sure to visit!  

I'll be at 12, rue Picardie, in Gatineau on November 2nd from 9am to 3pm and at 16, rue Bériault in the Hull sector on November 9th, from 10am to 4pm. (At the Père Arthur-Guertin community centre)

Polymer clay jewelry by FelicianationThe second show is for a wonderful cause, the "Maison Mathieu Froment-Savoie", who helps people with terminal cancer. I have a friend who's mother spent her final days there, and it is a wonderful organization.   I'm proud to be associated with this craft fair / charity event. 

Following these two shows, the remaining pieces will be sold through my Etsy shop.

Hope to see you there!

Much love,


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