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Saturday, 9 August 2014

Make your iPhone photos look professional

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Garden bounty iPhone photography tips

You would be surprised at the quality of picture you can get from an iPhone, especially if you are using it outdoors or in a very well lit space. The flash tends to falsify the colours, though it still produces decent pictures.  

But we're not looking for decent pictures are we? No, we want awesome pictures. Pictures that look like they were taken by a photographer!  With a few quick fixes, you can take a great shot and enhance it to make it an amazing shot. 

I personally like to use Art Studio ($7.99 I think, but well worth it!) for any touch ups, cropping or repositioning, but then I swith to my newly discovered free app simply called photo editor. (I love free, free fits right into my budget!) I'm in love with it's brightness, contrast, and saturation controls, and have really been able to bring out the best in my photos, taking my pictures from great to fantastic in a few simple steps. 

It's not rocket science, you play with the levels until you get the desired results! Follow your instincts, do what looks good to you. 

Our garden's been doing fantastic this year and I was really proud of my daily haul, so I wanted to get some really great pics. The sun was setting fast and my yard was shady, so my pics were good, but the colours weren't as bright or as true as they should be. A few quick steps, and the photo is now perfect!

Hope this helps you bring out the best in your photographs. There are tons of great, fun and free apps you can try to play with your pics. With a bit of trial and error, you can reach your desired results in no time!

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