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Tuesday, 8 November 2011

My Opinions Are Better Than Yours

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OK, so this may come as a HUGE shock to you, but I've always been quite opinionated. I think this stems from the womb, where I was probably conceived just because I was the pushiest of all the eggs. (I know, totally not shocking, but let's move on...)

Anyway, I've often been accused of always thinking I'm right.  Well, you've got me there.  I do always think I'm right.

I just know you all gasped at how arrogant that sounded, but bear with me...

I am by no means trying to say that I'm never wrong, or that I haven't ever done anything wrong.  Believe me, that is far from the case.  I am painfully aware of most of my flaws and mistakes.

So with that out of the way, let's get back to the point:

Yes, of course, I always *think* I'm right. I actually find the statement quite ludicrous.  Who would choose the wrong opinion on purpose???

Well, I feel strongly that that I should vote for candidate x, but I'm going to vote for candidate y... just to spite myself.

Surrrre... that makes perrrrfect sense.  (she said, her voice dripping with sarcasm)

The thing is, if we got into an argument in the first place, it's because we both think we're right.  We wouldn't be arguing if we didn't, duh!

It's not that I can't be swayed, but usually I won't really argue a point unless I know enough about it, so as to avoid the previously mentioned dreaded egg on my face...

Which means that if I've decided to argue a point, it's due to the fact that I feel very strongly that mine is the righteous opinion.  I didn't come to this conclusion willy-nilly, so if you want to change my mind, don't come at me with willy-nilly arguments.  If you can make a point I hadn't thought of, I will definitely weigh it, and it may even sway me to your side.

Until then, does your opinion have value?  Sure it does!  Is it better than mine?  No way!

This post was partially inspired by an old Ally McBeal quote:

(To Ally):  Why do you always think your problems are bigger than everyone elses?
(Ally):  Because they're mine

So why do I think my opinions are better than yours?  Because they are mine, of course. (please don't unfollow me) 

I must say, I find myself wanting to avoid arguments as I grow older.  They are bad for my blood pressure and sometimes it's OK to just agree to disagree. ;)

PS:  Here's a clip I found from Ally McBeal. Fun montage and great song, it makes me nostalgic...


  1. Well, of course, we're all opinionated and we all think we're right! :) As you so wisely said, if we didn't have opinions, then we wouldn't argue, and to take it a step further, there would be no war and all would be love and peace and flowers.

    I LIKE a girl who can express her opinions about her opinions!!! :)