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Saturday, 7 April 2012

The Never-Ending Move

Pin It Hello Again Dear Readers, 

Our House :)
It's been too long since I took the time to update.  I'm sorry I've been quiet, and thankful that you've taken the time to come check up on me today.

I've been so wrapped up in this move, so overwhelmingly busy.  The physical move itself lasted the full 16 days between the time I received the keys to the new house and the day I gave the keys back to the old landlord.  It's actually not quite over since the garage is still full of boxes that need to be carried into the house.

It's been exciting and exhausting at once.  I hoped that the day I moved would be the day I said good bye to these feelings of depression, but alas that has not quite happened yet.

Don't get me wrong, I'm thrilled to be here.  I love my new house, even if I am only renting it.  I don't think it would make much difference to my level of happiness if I had actually purchased the house.  I still feel pride of ownership.

The painting has been discouraging, it's a lot of work to paint an entire house under any circumstances, but this has been made exponentially more complicated by the fact that there were holes everywhere, badly patched other holes that required fixing, and now I have to go over the entire line of the ceiling because the two previous colors are visible, which by the way, are baby poop yellow covered with baby poop green.  There is no end of work in sight.

Our friends Louis and Julie were real stars, and absolutely were a huge help in getting this move completed.  Julie spent three days painting with me and on the day of the move, Louis worked at least as hard as the movers, if not more.  In fact, when the movers dropped my fridge because the young lad just couldn't take it anymore, Louis stepped up and volunteered to take it down to the basement, because Barry just couldn't have with his foot still so damaged. Thankfully, the fridge came out of its fall unscathed.

The only other hick with the move was that the couch I purchased for the basement wouldn't fit down the stairs.  :(  I wasn't very happy about this, but Louis decided he would like it for himself, so I just need to find something smaller for the kids.

Anyway, so a big THANK YOU to Louis and Julie, and to my parents, who kept the kids overnight on the day of the move.

I'll try not be such a stranger, I'm getting my own office in this house, so there's no reason I shouldn't write more often.  MUST GET BACK ON TRACK!!!

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