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Tuesday, 1 October 2013

Art Can't Be Explained - and shouldn't!

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Many people who have studied art would probably disagree, but I feel strongly that art should not and cannot be explained.

This mini-rant was brought on by this image on Pinterest, or rather the description.

"This work uses lines to direct the viewers focus to the tip of the paintbrush. The implied line from the girls vision as well as the line of the paintbrush and the shadow of the paintbrush. Light in this work is also very dramatic, the shadows play an important part in making it look realistic. Although a lot of the space is white, this work is still very eye catching."

Blah blah blah, blah blah. Boring!

What a bunch of hoopla! In my opinion, art should speak to you. So if you're looking at a piece and you're getting nothing, what you need isn't an explanation.

What you need is to move on, it just isn't the piece for you. If the artwork you are looking at is not evoking any emotions in you, once again, just move on. It doesn't mean the piece is bad or good, as there is no real way to determine that

Don't be bullied into liking something because the so called critics say you should, and vice-versa.

It occurs to me that this applies to life in general...


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