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Friday, 11 November 2011

Inspiration Is a Fickle Creature

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This is quite a Crazy/Beautiful world we live in.

Instead of loving thy neighbour, we tend to push each other down, unaffected by the heads we've stepped on to climb our way to the top.

With this being said, it is sometimes hard, for those of us who have chosen a different journey, to remain confident that we are on the right path when those who surround us either put down or fail to celebrate our achievements.

This post is all about celebrating you, and sharing some of the things that help keep me motivated when my inspiration seems to fail me and the darkness threatens to take over.

The Amazing Miss M, also known as Mariah Carey to non-superfans, wrote a song many years back called "Can't Take That Away From Me". The lyrics have made it one of my inner theme songs, one I can listen to when the haters start to get to me.

Some of my favourite lyrics from "Can't Take That Away From Me"

They can say anything they want to say, Try to bring me down,
But I will not allow anyone to succeed hanging clouds over me,
And they can try hard to make me feel that I don't matter at all,
But I refuse to falter in what I believe or loose faith in my dreams

'There's a light in me, that shines brightly, they can try, but they can't take that away from me. 
Oh they, they can do anything they want to you, if you let them in, but they won't ever win,if you cling to you pride, and just push them aside. 
See I, I have learned, there's an inner peace I own, something in my soul that they can not possess. So I won't be afraid and the darkness will fade....

If you know in your heart that you're on the right route, don't let other people's darkness bring you down. I'm reminded of something that is said in wedding ceremonies: "What God has joined together, let no man tear apart" or something like that. This applies to your talents and inner light as well. God (or the universe) has joined them to you, so don't you let anyone take them from you.

A couple of funny/inspirational quotes I wanted to share. This first one is my absolute favourite, and I found it on a night I really needed to hear it:

Here's a giggle before you go... poking a little fun at Bipolar Disorder: better to laugh about it than to cry, I say. Remember that while struggling with Bipolar disorder is very difficult, it does not define you. If anything, it is part of what makes us so beautiful. Our sensitive souls can see beauty others are blind to.

Tee-hee... too cute.

Much Love, 

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